Some Might Say I'm 'Gifted'

Day 65

Ok Ok, bad pun. :-P Today's nails are, you guessed it- GIFTS! :) Each nail sports a different gift, with a different patterned 'paper' and ribbon. :)

Left Thumb:

I used OPI Dazzled By Gold, which apparently is an ULTA Exclusive, and I can't find a link to where you can buy it. for the swirls on the paper I used Zoya Anastasia, and for the ribbon I used Zoya Angelina.

Left Index:

I used BB Couture Poison Ivy as a base, with stripes of China Glaze Ruby Pumps and China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. For the bow I used Zoya Trixie.

Left Middle:

I used China Glaze 2NITE as a base, with China Glaze Sci Fi-Khrome applied with Konad Plate m70. For the bow I used Zoya Indigo and China Glaze Sci Fi-Khrome.

Left Ring:

I used China Glaze Go Crazy Red as a base, OPI Alpine Snow Matte for the stripes, and BB Couture Poison Ivy for the bow.

Left Pinky:

I used OPI Parlez Vous OPI? as a base, with Essie Sexy Devide applied with Konad Plate m60. For the bow I used Essie Sexy Devide accented with China Glaze 2030 from Khrome Collection.

Right Thumb:

I used Zoya Trixie as a base, with Illamasqua Rampage for the bow.

Right Index:

I used Zoya Pippa as a base, with Zoya Ginger applied with Konad Plate m63. For the bow I used Zoya Paz and Essie Alligator Purse mixed with it to shade.

Right Middle:

I used OPI Alpine Snow Matte as a base, then painted stripes of Barielle Sweet Addiction and Essie Foot Loose. For the bow I used Kleancolor Neon Purple.

Right Ring:

I used Essie Foot Loose as a base, with China Glaze OMG applied with Konad Plate m51. For the bow I used Zoya Pippa and Zoya Paz to shade.

Right Pinky:

I used Zoya Raven as a base, with China Glaze OMG applied with Konad Plate m70. For the bow I used China Glaze TMI.

For all of the bows except the Right Index and Right Ring, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather mixed with the color to shade, and China Glaze White on White mixed with the color to highlight.

I topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat to give t that lovely Christmas gloss!

Only 8 more days until Christmas!!!

Fun picture for the day:

My friend/coworker Nat and I went to lunch today, and I had to pick up my purse from my house, so he decided he wanted to see the nail polish stash, and have his picture taken with it... so here you all go. *cover your eyes!!!!* lol jk Nat, you're not THAT hideous. ;-/


  1. O:
    God I LOOOOOOOOOVE the left hand. You are so talented!

  2. Now that I know where everything is, I will be offering celebrity Daily Nail tours! Hope ya don't mind the extra traffic that will be coming through. My picture on the's like I'm famous!

  3. You're so talented! It's actually a lot of fun to read your posts every day. I showed my mom your designes, and she loves them. :)

    And I have an idea for a nail design: different colored iPods. Just a suggestion, though.

  4. Nail design suggestion: superheroes "logos", like superman & stuff :)

  5. gifted in the "wears a helmet to school" sense maybe.

  6. Wow! So adorable--that must have taken forever!

  7. i have an idea for a christmas one although im sure you already have the next days planned out, santa on one thumb, the eight reindeer, and then a sleigh on the other thumb

  8. Thank you everyone! (Except Patrick- Ass! :-P ya big jerk- when I see you next, yer goin' DOWN! :-P)

    Lena- I have that one planned already for closer to Christmas!! Thanks for submitting the idea though!! Plus- you forgot Rudolph- there are NINE reindeer!! 8>o <----my ascii version of rudolph.

  9. you are so inspiring and creative! keep up the great work girl!

  10. Love, love, love, love, your gifts nails design. From your picture if your coworker Ned is not careful he might gets pull in and have his nails done too.lolol.. :-) Take care and keep warm.
    From your viewer from Oregon.

  11. Love all the polishes on your dining room table :) Mine have taken over our coffee table (and I accidently got a little polish remover on it too... not good!).

    I love this design!! the gifts are too cute!

  12. I think you're the reason I am officially addicted to nail polish. Thank you <3 You're so talented!

  13. These are my favorites of the Christmas Nails, so far. There are so many different designs and color combos! Awe inspiring. How long did this take you? So cool....
    And I just graduated from the dining room table, and plastic bins! I had been eyeing the "Helmer" cabinet from Ikea for a while, and googled it, and it turns out another polish blog says it's great for nail polish! They are right! Best part is- it's metal, not plastic, and it's only 40 bucks! Needless to say, before the computer shut down, I was already on my way out the door... got it, and I LOVE it! Easy to put together, sturdy, polishes fit well- I'll second the recommendation of the "Helmer", and suggest it for any polish-a-holics who haven't given Santa their lists yet. And no, I don't work for Ikea...

  14. Thanks everyone!!!

    Rita- OMG< I want that cabinet!!! Wish the nearest IKEA wasn't 4 hours away in LA!! :(

  15. Ugh. 4 hours. If you really want it, maybe Ikea online?

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