The Thrill is Gone - 31 Day Challenge - Day 5

Nothing to Disclose

I struggled with blue. I was having the hardest time thinking of something that would be fun and different, and my mind kept thinking of the blues. Who best represents the blues? None other than the legend–BB King! I discovered from this one that I need to keep working on my portrait painting skills! I decided to do this design in all shades of blue and white, which made the portrait a little more difficult, too. Hit the jump for more information and photos!
Fun fact: BB King and I (sorta) have something in common– we were both diagnosed with Diabetes. Now, I saw sorta because BB was a Type 2, and I'm stuck with the genetic, sucky kind- Type 1.

For this manicure, I did a silhouette of Lucille, his guitar on the thumb, a treble clef on the index, BB King on the middle, hand lettering that says 'The Thrill is Gone' on the ring finger, and music notes on my pinky! :) I do feel like I cheated on this one a little bit, because I used acrylic paint for the art instead of polish, which I always use. I dunno, nothing against it, I just try to use polish instead.

What did I use?

NARS Ethno Run Right
White acrylic paint
Blue acrylic paint


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