Oh KALE No! - 31 Day Challenge - Day 4

Nothing to Disclose Press Sample

Disgusting. Inedible. Horrifying. Vile.... Just a few words that come to mind when I think of that horrible weed called kale. I will never understand its popularity...so gross. When trying to figure out what to do for green... it came to mind, and I knew it had to happen! Hit the jump for what I used! :)
I've never really been a huge fan of green foods though, unless you count green M&Ms, green apple Jolly Ranchers, or green beer. :D

What did I use?

Zoya Wyatt
Zoya Tiana
Deborah Lippmann Chasing Pavements
Glisten & Glow Wedding Gown White
OPI First Lady of Nails


  1. I also HATE kale, it's so nasty. However I'm loving your nails, even though they're kale related.
    Vicky xx


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