Leave a Message and I'll Call You Baaack - 31 Day Challenge - Day 15

Nothing to Disclose

I'm walkin' through these spiderwebs.... When I saw today's theme for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge was 'Delicate', I immediately thought of spiderwebs. I mean, what's more delicate than a spiderweb? I mean yes, spiderwebs are technically super strong, but they're so delicate LOOKING. They're also beautiful, until you're walking along and one hits you in the face and you have to live with the fact that you're never going to feel safe again. Oddly enough, no Arachnophobia here, but the second a spiderweb touches me when I'm not expecting it, and F&*K that. Hit the jump to see what I used and what I did.

To be honest, this didn't turn out as I had hoped, but I think I had unrealistic goals of what I could achieve in my nail art. :D I tried the smush technique with my stamper to get the background - which was intended to be out of focus sky and trees/grass/etc. After that, I used a matte topcoat because I wanted the shininess of the web to stand out, since it's such a sheer color. For the web, I used an iridescent polish, to kind of capture the shimmer you see in a spiderweb when the sunlight hits it just right.

What I used:

KIKO 534 - Green Forest
KIKO 851 - Lime Green
KIKO 831 - Cobalt Blue
KIKO 850 - Cerulean
Essie Matte About You
KIKO 534 - French Iridescent Pink


  1. Spider webs are simple compared to the leaves behind it! I usually think of spider webs as Halloweenish, but these nails really have the feeling of a walk in the woods.

  2. Great. I leave a comment and you stop updating. :-(


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