Accordion to WHOM?! - 31 Day Challenge - Day 11

Nothing to Disclose

Rolllll out the barrellll, we'll have a barrel of funnnnnnn! Today's 31 Day Nail Art Challenge theme is Polka Dots. Hit the jump to see what bizarre corner of my mind this design came from...

I originally planned to do those color blindness tests, but someone beat me to it, so halfway through the day it was back to the drawing board. Tons of thoughts ran through my head- Seurat? Other kinds of pointillist art? Nah. This idea spring into my head when I said to Chris aloud that the challenge today was Dots. As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I thought about those semi-vile chewy gumdrop things called DOTS. (I think they're awful, but I know people that love them- Chris is one). Then, it hit me. The theme was actually POLKA naturally, I had to paint a DOTS candy playing the accordion, and all its buddies enjoying the music! :) POLKA DOTS! All this design needs is a Tuba, right? Um-pa, um-pa-pa...

What did I use?

KIKO 355 - Canary Yellow
KIKO 280 - Orange
KIKO 357 - Bright Orange
KIKO 324 - Brown
KIKO 534 - Green Forest
KIKO 850 - Cerulean
KIKO 851 - Lime Green
Dermelect Phenom
Glisten & Glow Wedding Gown White
Glisten & Glow Little Black Dress
Glisten & Glow HK Girl


  1. I hope you do art elsewhere also. You have an amazing ability and I hope you don't just confine yourself to nail art. This is wonderful. It makes me think of Weird Al.

    1. I definitely try to, but my job and blogging keeps me busy! I dabble in painting, crafts, and stained glass, as well as the culinary arts! :D

  2. Oh my gosh this is so funny! I love the play on words here and your artwork is beautiful. This totally brightened up my day today.

    1. Mission complete! That is exactly what I aim to do with my posts- make people smile! :D So glad it made your day a little brighter!


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