Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - 31 Day Challenge - Day 8

Nothing to Disclose

When Marilyn Monroe sang 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend', I don't think these are quite the diamonds that she had in mind...but I am in LOVE with them! I can't take credit for the idea- Andrea of Chickettes had something similar on her sample nail wheel at Cosmoprof, but in a regular gel, and I decided that it would look super rad AND fit today's 31 Day Nail Art Challenge if I added a touch of chrome. :D Hit the jump for more photos and to see what I used!

From the minute I saw a video months ago on Instagram, I knew I was on the hunt. Madness for the chrome. Fast forward, months later, and while i still f*&(ing LOVE the chrome effect, I feel like it needs fun updates to keep it fresh! To do this, I did gel color as normal, then applied a thin coat of no-wipe gel topcoat and cured it. After that, I took a nail art brush (I used a silicone one for ease of cleanup) and did the angled lines to make up the pattern. I did this nail by nail and cured them individually to make sure there was no slippage of the gel. Once each nail was cured, I rubbed in the A-Ora chrome powder to give it the full metallic effect and lightly topcoat once more to seal in the chrome! Voila! The nails of a construction worker's dreams.

What did I use?

Color Club Harp on It Gel
Bio Seaweed Gel No-Wipe Topcoat
A-Ora Chrome powder


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Daisy!! :) I am so excited with how they turned out- and SO EASY!!!

  2. Wow these are amazing, I love the metal look and this pattern is perfect. Such a fun take on chrome nails.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thanks Vicky!! I think I'm definitely going to have to revisit this design after the 31 day challenge!! :D

  3. The texture of your nails matches diamond plate steel perfectly! You are amazingz

    1. Thank you!! I was SO SO SO stoked on how this turned out!!

  4. WHOA....These nails are gorgeous! Super fancy and one hell of an awesome idea <3 great Job!

    Have a nice day :)



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