Gone Fishin' - 31 Day Challenge - Day 13

Nothing to Disclose

Today was a bit of a struggle... thinking of an animal print that wasn't the 'norm', but still fulfilled the challenge was TOUGH! Luckily my sister Stacey gave me inspiration months and months ago, she just didn't know it! :D It's not perfectly how I wanted it to be, but I fell asleep on the couch while watching TV, so I had to rush a little! :-/ Hit the jump for more information on my inspiration and pictures!

My sister is an avid angler, she not only fishes on a VERY regular basis, but she actually ties flies, too! (Could we be any more different?) The inspiration for this design was an image that she posted last year of a Brook trout that she caught while on one of her cross-country road trips out to Utah! I've wanted to do a freshwater fish design for a long time, but now is the first time that it was a great fit! :D

Here is the picture she took that I used for inspiration...

and a picture of my mad fishing skillllllz. This was me and my very first Steelhead, which I caught fishing up in Michigan with my sister and her boyfriend. Freshly manicured nails, natch. :D

If I asked for feedback in the comments on this design, would you say I was 'Fishing for compliments?!' LOL I crack myself up.

What did I use?

A England Princess Sabra
OPI Suzi - The First Lady of Nails
KIKO 355 - Canary Yellow
KIKO 357 - Bright Orange
KIKO 850 - Cerulean
Genece Love Brand Love You Too


  1. Definitely worth fishing for comments! You certainly lured me in to looking, haha! Excellent mani, you have amazing skills!

    1. Nice work with the puns!! :D Thanks so much for dropping a line in the comments! :D


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