Cause & Effects

Hey everyone!! Today's nails were inspired by the kick-ass new colors that were sent to me to play with by CND (Creative Nail Design) They are amazing, and I'm not just saying that because they were gratis. They are super easy to apply, and are so close to being opaque, that I could've gotten away with one coat, but did two for good measure. Green Scene is well on it's way to becoming my favorite green, and Electric Orange is the orange creme I've been looking for! Lol, I'm such a nerd, but you can even ask my roommate how excited and impressed I was when I tried these. Today's manicure is utilizing all 3 colours and 2 effects that were sent, (Thank you!) I tried Konad stamping with the effects, but it didn't work very well :-/ but I included a closeup of the pinky, where you can see some of the orange/copper reflect from Copper Shimmer Effect polish, and some of the blue sparkles on the ring finger from Sapphire Sparkle Effect polish. Lesson learned I suppose.

I used Green Scene as a base, with Eclectic Purple sponged on the tips. For the Electric Orange stripe, I painted a thick strip of polish on my palette, and dipped my tip into it. :) On top of everything, I used Copper Shimmer Effect and Sapphire Sparkle Effect on Konad Plate m65, using each polish on half of the design. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


  1. You've just made my day - I always like the look of sort of "graduated" colours where one blends into the other and I didn't even think about sponging to get that effect. I'm useless aren't I?

  2. I simply love this colors. And they go well together.

  3. This is a great mani! The colors look fantastic together and the sponge is a great idea!


  4. Awesome! Would you do me a favor?
    Check the Olympic nails on my blog - maybe you could do something for the Opening or Closing Ceremonies? Just a thought....thanks

  5. Interesting mix of colors, they remind me of the HULK! LOL! The HULK is cool! :)

  6. SO glad you like them!

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