Wednesday, April 7, 2010

That's Your Cue!

Hey!! Today's manicure definitely has some balls. (Billiard balls, that is) :-D I love playing pool, though I never seem to get to these days. I used to play a lot more when I was in college and in my early 20s, and was somewhat of a shark. :) Alas, my sharkin' days are over, and I am but a pool guppy now. I need to find a place and people here in Vegas to play a few games with! Any takers? :-)

right hand (messy!! lol)

I used American Apparel Hassid for the thumb, Electric Orange for the index finger, Pure Ice French Kiss for the middle finger, Green Scene for the ring finger, and American Apparel Manila for the pinky. I used American Apparel Hassid and American Apparel Cotton on all fingers for the while of the ball and for the numbers. :) Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat. :)

I think I need to play a good ol'-fashioned game of 9-ball I think... I'll settle for 8-ball though.


  1. Your circles are perfect! I have the hardest time doing that on my nails.
    Very fab :)

  2. I love these :) Ahh i say that about all of them though

  3. if i lived there i'd play with u, but im too far here in argentina :P
    i love your nails, why dont you do something related with the tudors ? maybe too difficult, i thing...

  4. Where's the other hand?! I feel kinda cheated.

  5. JENNL is right- how on earth did you get those circles so perfect? That's downright uncanny!
    I love pool. Hubby loves pool. One of the things we want is a pool table for the basement. But then we'd be mole-people, because we'd be living down there...

  6. I suggest you not wear these next time you go sharking. Might give you away... :-)

  7. I've played pool with you, definitely not a guppy. I'm down for a rematch.

  8. really cute! love your blog :)

  9. i am always surprised by your nails when i check your website. you always have a new idea. I agree with Reader Rita and Jennl, do you do your circles free hand?

  10. I've made a post about your blog on 12.03. But since then this nail is my best! I have to try it ;)

  11. Parabéns pela sua criatividade! Adoro coisas assim diferentes!
    Xeru no Core! Cris.

  12. AMAZING!!!
    MARAVILHOSO!! (in portuguese!)

    i love your blog!!


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