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Happy Earth Day, everyone!! I hope that you are recycling today! (and every day!!) Today's nails were (obviously) inspired by Earth Day and the recycle symbol. I tried to make the background look like recycled paper, too! :)

I used Urban Outfitters Beige 1 as a base, with Zoya Dea sponged over it. For the recycle symbol, I used Nubar Forest.

Do your part- even if it's something simple, like getting a reusable water bottle, or bringing your own shopping bags... or even doing Back 2 MAC, where you bring in 6 of their empty containers to recycle and get a free lipstick!! (excludes Viva Glam)<---WIN/WIN SITUATION!

Another great company that recycles that I love is Bear Naked, a great granola company that has AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME granola (check out the Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, and the Chocolate!!), which has no refined sugars, and no preservatives or other gross stuff. This stuff is amazing- and this is coming from someone who'd rather eat Cheetos than carrots, and I'll eat this stuff over Cheetos. :-D

There are so many easy ways to do your part to save the environment... so get off the internet and do 'em! :-P


  1. actually one volcano eruption does more damage to the earth/atmosphere than any humans could ever hope to accomplish. so, as much as we'd like to think we make a difference... we really have no control. cool nails though.

  2. They just started a recycling project in my town, a container you keep by the curb and just throw recyclables in (READ-- NO SORTING!!!). We earn points for how much we recycle redeemable for gift cards to grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. I think that's a great idea since it takes the hassle out of recycling!

    And also, love the nails!

  3. That is so HOT! Really cool! KUDOS for Recycling!

  4. I love this design, as always the detail amazes me! P.S. Bear Naked Vanilla Almond is the most delish granola ever!

  5. omg! when i grow my nails my wanna do that! happy earth day! oh, and i wannna know what you all did today or yesterday or whatever for the EARTH.


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