Wet Paint sale on Ideeli!

Hey all!! Just a note to let you know about the Wet Paint Glaze System sale on Ideeli.com today!! Everything is deeply discounted- there is a set of 15 polishes for $50, original price is $150! It's a pretty neat idea, and with those 15 polishes you can create 102 different colors!!

Here is the link! Wet Paint Sale on Ideeli

US Shipping only unfortunately. :(

Picture is from ideeli.com


  1. Do you know any place that has international shipping??

  2. Those are really pretty :)


  3. wow! your job is amazing! congrats! I'm Brazilian and whenever possible I look here. And I thought making a weekly nail art was too much!
    See you soon!

  4. the link didnt work!!

  5. hey kid, that bag is awesome..and so are you and your ideas. Cool tacks xoxo

  6. How do you do it?! You must have one steady hand and so much more to make such creative, and just plain awesome designs on such a tinyyyyy canvas -- nails! :O I tried drawing a flower on mine one time, and it looked. like. a. blob. Yup. Anyway, love, love, love your blog & everything about it...can't wait to see more.

    ♥ Erika

  7. Sounds interesting! Will check it out!

    I'm having a contest if you're interested.



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