Thursday, April 15, 2010

Forms Over Function

Happy Tax Day! I hope that everyone got their taxes done... I was a procrastinator and only did mine just last night. :-D I hate doing my taxes, all the legalese and fine print, etc, are like Greek to me. Oh well, in any event today's nails are inspired by income tax forms (and the IRS). :-D

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with American Apparel Hassid for the black on all nails, China Glaze 2030 from Khrome Collection for the gold outline on the dollar sign, with American Apparel Hunter and Green Scene for the dollar sign. Topped it off with two coats of Seche Vite top coat.

What are you going to do with YOUR return (if you get one)?

On an updated note, root canals are evil, I'm sick of soft, bite-sized food (it was a lower incisor that was worked on, so no biting!!), and I'm hoping the new prescription works, because the Lortab sure didn't do anything to help. :(


  1. Three things. Firstly these are very depressing nails.. (yeah haven't done any paper work). Secondly you have skills! Thirdly Root canals are awful. I had one done recently so empathise but it's worth it to save the tooth in the end x

  2. random question:
    Why do you always put a top coat? You'll be taking it off the next day, will they really chip in that short of a time? I would think that extra top coat would make it more difficult to take off the next day...

    anyhow, I check your blog ever day! Love seeing the designs, wish I were as talented!

  3. Here's to hoping you feel much better very soon!

    My husband and I paid off the last of our debts- the only thing we owe on now is our house. We're very proud that we've been able to accomplish this!

    ---Shawna Fay

  4. OMG... that is so great! I laughed... HARD! Thanx for this one! LOL!

  5. Still, feel better!

  6. can you try Ibuprophen? it's good for relieving inflamation.

    I'm only getting an itty bitty Fed refund and I have to pay a buttload to the state of CA. Thanks Arnie. Guess I have to wait another month to get more Konad image plates. :-)

  7. Your nailart is have major skills! Hope you feel better :)

  8. Very nice, you made something positive out of a tedious experience. If your tooth were on your nails, how would they look? Sorry it's still hurting.

  9. My tax return went to a root canal last month because I don't have dental insurance. How cool is that?! And, the dentist messed up so it took 3 separate tries to fix it ending at the endodontist. Now, I get my crown on Monday, my birthday. So, I feel ya for sure! Cute nails. Maybe some crowns and teeth soon?

  10. It was also the Titanic sinking anniversary! :)

    Love the nails, as always.

  11. Those are awesome! My dad's a customer service rep for the IRS & I emailed him the pic. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it :)


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