Rollercoaster of Love - Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art!

Influenster Sample

Rollercoasterrrrr of LOOOOOOOVEEE! Good luck, my well polished friends, on getting that little wormy guy out of your ear. It's always a challenge to think of fun Valentine's Day nail art ideas year after year, you know, since hearts are hard to reinvent. haha The pressure! What's a new take on love?! This year, I turned to some of my favorite things for inspiration, things like pizza, lettering, and rollercoasters! Read on for more & to see what I used!

So I FINALLY got nail polish from Influenster. lol I swear, I never get the campaigns that would actually pertain to me (beauty, nails, etc), but I get the random ones that make absolutely no sense. I'd love to know how their choosing process works! No complaints though, because it's always fun to try out new stuff, right? This time I got a chance to try out a new-to-me brand, P2 Cosmetics, which hails from the land of my ancestors - Germany, and can now be found at Wal-mart! I was actually pretty impressed with the polishes that I was sent to try - the brush is awesome, and they applied so well! Have you tried them yet? Did you get the P2 Cosmetics Influenster box, too? Tell me in the comments!

What I used:

P2 Cosmetics Princess
Glisten & Glow Wedding Gown White
P2 Cosmetics Gest Star
Zoya Eden
Glisten & Glow top coat

Disclosure: P2 Cosmetics polishes were provided by Influenster in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. The last thing I ever got from Influenster was kid's apple juice...... But I really love what you did with these P2 polishes! I haven't used this brand before but it's absolutely beautiful!


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