The Shopping Day of the Centurion!

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Last Saturday, a few local Las Vegas beauty and lifestyle bloggers got a chance to do just that! I'm sure you're all familiar with Caesars Palace, and you might have even been to The Forum Shops (if you haven't, I highly recommend it!), but I guarantee you weren't escorted around by a centurion in full gladiator garb! :D Read on to find out about our awesome shopping day put together by Christie Moeller of, where our Centurion took us, and what one of the most exclusive and awesome pieces of swag I've ever received was gifted to us at the end of our day!

Now, I used to work in the Forum Shops back before I lived in India, so I'm no stranger to its cobblestoned corridors and lavish and beautiful shops like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany and Co., but I assure you, I've never seen it this way before, and we went to stores that I'd never even been! (you're going to be shocked when you read where, because really?! Never??)

We started off at the VIP Valet, which is a very hidden, and somewhat secret valet that I never knew about before this event! Already feeling like a Caesar! (Fun fact: there is no apostrophe in Caesars Palace, because when it was established in 1966 by Jay Sarno, he wanted everyone to feel like a caesar!) Some quick mimosas while we waited for all of our group to arrive, and our hunky centurion took us to the promised land...


Granted, it's not my first time at Sephora...not even at THIS Sephora, which happens to be a flagship store here in Vegas (one of 6 stores), I actually worked at Sephora in Michigan, and even for a bit in Vegas at Planet Hollywood before I made the move to my awesome current job at Zappos. :) Anyway, I digress.

The Beauty Advisors at Sephora brought us into the Personal Beauty Advisor room and told us all about a few of the best-selling products in their store:

IGK Jet Lag dry shampoo - it leaves ZERO residue or color on any color hair - he even demonstrated it on his black shirt and NOTHING!

Jo Malone fragrances - no surprise, Jo Malone is always a favorite because of variety and ability to layer!

Dior Lip Glow - One of their most popular products, a balm that reacts to body chemistry to create an individualized flush perfected to your skin tone! Sephora gets the exclusive on all new shades before they even roll out to Dior shops!

Speaking of Personal Beauty Advisors - did you know that with a minimum purchase of $125 (and an appointment), you can have your own personal beauty advisor for a 90-minute session that covers everything from skincare to setting spray, how cool is that?! If you're a beauty insider, they can even scan each product and add it to the consultation in your account, so if you're not able to buy everything or even most of the things that day, you don't have to worry about forgetting what they used - it even allows them to show placement on the eye for eye makeup applications! I was super impressed by that - BI perks have come a long way!

Next up, fragrance. I'm a huge fragrance fan, but I have very non-traditional tastes, so it can sometimes be hard for me to find scents I like. Sephora has me covered though, with scents like Tom Ford Oud Wood and Neroli Portofino, and scents from new brands like Commodity Vetiver, there is always something new to try! Did you know that Sephora's top-selling scent is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb? Love that scent? Looking for the perfect gift? Sephora offers perfume bottle engraving for free! I wish they offered that service when I bought my bottles! Such a cool idea!

What's everyone's favorite thing to look at when they go to Sephora? Mine is color cosmetics - DUH! I was pretty stoked when we made our way up from to try out some of the newer additions to the Sephora roster– the Too Faced White Peach palette, Make Up For Ever Star Lit Glitter Palette, Trophy Wife from Fenty Beauty, and the Natasha Denona Diamond and Blush palette, amongst other things. I ended buying a few things - The new Kat Von D Glimmer Veil in Starflyer, and 3 of the new Sephora Collection #LipStories lipsticks, which I'm obsessed with!

After a quick photo session, which I obviously had to do since I inadvertently matched my outfit to the store decor, and rescuing my brand new purse chain strip from the tracks in the floor for the door, we all packed up and headed to our next destination, somewhere I've never been...


Before we even got into the store, we were greeted by orange, which happens to be my favorite color! Who knew, but it also happens to be the favorite color of a certain handbag, clothing, and shoe designer! Upon entering the store through the giant orange door, we were greeted by the store manager and a riot of color! The Spring collection is bright and fun, and it contains some of my favorite statement colors–orange, yellow, and royal blue!

While we were all looking around, we learned a bit of Tory Burch history, starting from her fashionable family (which greet you from the photo wall as you enter), and her work supporting female entrepreneurs! She started a foundation called the Tory Burch Foundation designed specifically to support female entrepreneurs, helping with obtaining capital, education, and mentoring opportunities! It makes me want to support the company even more after learning about that - we need more women supporting and uplifting women these days!

Walking further into the store, I discovered a wall of sunglasses - something I have no willpower for, and have too many of. So many cute pairs, and they were EVERYWHERE!

Scarves, accessories, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses... and then we walked into the room of SHOES. I love shoes, which you guys definitely already know - I even started a second, shoes-only instagram called Collecting Soles!

Before I got into any trouble, we were on to our next stop, a place I'm sure you're all familiar with, but where I've never shopped...


Yep, there it is. I've never been to Lululemon...the capital of all things athleisure.

It was interesting to hear about some of the fabrics they use (one fabric even has silver woven into it to prevent bacterial growth–curing stink!). They have everything you could need from head to toe, with a selection of the super on trend APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) sneakers, to their ever popular leggings, socks, sports bras, water bottles, towels, name it–they even had a men's section!

One thing I thought was pretty cool was the fact that this store held community events in store- free yoga classes and walking/running events at one of the local hotel/casinos! It made me feel like there was more to Lululemon than $98 leggings, and they were willing to practice what they preach!

As our day living as a Roman was coming to its end, we were all gifted a black envelope. What was inside, you ask?! Only one of the baller-est, most exclusive, raddest things ever–a matte black card with gold edges with the logo of the Forum Shops on the front. What was it good for? UNLIMITED FREE VIP VALET FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR AT CAESARS VALETS!! Caesar Melissa indeed!

If you don't live in Vegas, you might not see the true value in this little card, but everyone now charges for parking (save for a small handful of strip casinos), so this card is truly like gold - I've already used it 4 times so far, and I've only had it a week. What can I say, I hit the Forum a lot... especially now that my shopping addiction opened a pop-up shop there...

The RealReal. 

HO-LY crap. I seriously don't think I could be more excited than if they decided to make the store permanent - are you listening TRR gods?!

I LOVE, and considering I have Cristal taste on a Natty Light budget, it is the ultimate in shopping for me! I have been there 3 times this week. You know it's bad when the staff recognizes you and welcomes you back, asking about specific purchases. :D Oops! Do yourself a favor, and check it out - here's $25 on me! *This is an affiliate link and I get site credit when you make your first purchase. Help this girl get that Balmain jacket and Valentino studded heels I have in my obsessions...just sayin.

It was such a fun and awesome day with the Vegas blogger gal pals, our adorable Centurion, who was an amazing sport, and with Christie Moeller, a friend and local fashion stylist and blogger who set everything up for us! Between NARS, Sephora, H&M, and TheRealReal, I'll be visiting the Forum Shops quite a bit more often now...I hope the valets don't get sick of me and my little yellow car! :D

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  1. OMG, I followed you in 2011, when I was starting my nail art blog, and you were a ENORMOUS inspiration to me. Almost everyday I visited your blog, until you went to India, I remember. And I was organizing my google markers a while ago and I saw your blog in the beggining of the list haha.

    I wanted to let you know that you were a big inspiration to me ♥ and I am happy to see you have continued with your blog.


    P.S: I am doing a 31DC and I'll go crazy posting manicures every day. How could you do it for a year? I admire you even more now XD


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