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Who is ready to have some sand in their toes (and hopefully not your bathing suit!) and shimmer on their nails? Today I have two beach-themed polishes from KBShimmer that are exclusives!

Hit the jump for pictures and info on these gorgeous polishes!

We're creeping up on the end of summer- THANK GOD. I cannot wait until Satan lifts his fiery scrotum off the fine city of Las Vegas so we can have some weather that allows us to enjoy the outside without risking our wellbeing. While the weather is still hot though, I have some swatches of two awesome beach-themed lacquers for you that you can only find at! :)

First up, we have What the Shell?, a work-safe sandy taupe with scattered holographic glitter and a strong pink reflect. It reminds me of the iridescence inside of a shell. It's super pretty when the sun hits it, and is opaque in 2 simple coats.

Woah. Look at all that goodness! You can see the pink reflect right by the ingredients, and the scattered holo glitter throughout!

The other polish I have for you today is Berried in the Sand, a bright raspberry holo with a subtle blue reflect. This one is another winner, even though I hate pinks. I'd totally wear this one, it brightened up my fingertips! :D This one is pretty darn opaque, and covered nail art I had underneath it with only 2 coats! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Both of these colors make me wish that I didn't live in the middle of the desert, hours and hours away from ocean breezes and sand in my toes.

Who's up for a trip to the beach? *raises hand* Do you think either of these colors will be diving into your cart? Tell me in the comments below! Both polishes are available at for $10 each. 

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  1. Wow both of these colours are stunning and you captured the holo perfectly. I love them.
    Vicky xx

    1. Awww, thank you so much- they're such gorgeous polishes!!


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