It's Electrifyin'!

This weekend we had a MONSTER thunderstorm. I'm talkin' purple lightning that lights up dark rooms and thunderclaps that make you jump they're so loud. Oddly enough though, I managed to sleep through the majority of it, showcasing a talent of mine. (I can sleep pretty much anywhere, blaring sound, burning lights, name it---> except squeaking squirrel, and really, that just wakes me up, I'm sure I could fall asleep to it.) The storm was SO bad, the house next door to ours suffered to MAJOR tree casualties, one in the front yard and one in the back. The tree in the front actually fell across the road, blocking traffic through the neighborhood and there were guys with handsaws cutting the thing apart. In the back yard, the guy was using a MACHETE to cut down a tree not much smaller than the one in the pictures at the end of the post. Poor little Homer was trembling all night (or so Chris tells me, I was asleep- I'd be a shitty mom lol)

A while back, I saw a photo Fleury Rose Nails  posted on tumblr of some lightning nails. After banging myself on the head for not thinking of it first, I had to add it to my 'to do' list. I figured what better time than now, with it being scary lightning and thunder monsoon season here in India. :-P

I used:

Dark Blue: Cult Nails Time Traveler
Dark Purple: Cult Nails Vicious
Medium Purple: China Glaze Grape Pop
Light Purple: Jesse's Girl Spring Break
Even Lighter Purple :) : American Apparel Esprit
Pinky Purple: American Apparel Neon Violet
Medium Blue: China Glaze First Mate
Light Blue: Zoya Robyn
White: acrylic paint

Topcoat: Seche Vite topcoat
Basecoat: Seche Vite basecoat

The tree pics!


  1. I LOVE thunderstorms. (however I don't always like the aftermath of thunderstorms...)
    But the storms themselves are things of beauty; so intense, fierce and awe-inspiring! Nature at it's most expressive, certainly. Lightning is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm inside, the patter of rain on the roof makes me feel all comfy and calm.
    My dog however, does NOT concur. She is utterly terrified, almost to the point of transcending her body. It breaks my heart. After MUCH trial and error, she now gets some lovely "ultra-super-mellow-doggie" storm medication so that she doesn't harm herself, and that seems to be the answer.
    (She reacts that way to the show "Glee" as well- lol)
    But your mani is beautiful- it really captures the sky, the lightning, the wind and the tempestuous nature of the event. I love the little purple sparkle that looks like an illumination from the lightning bolt! Gorgeous! (And for some reason today it's making me think of Halloween...)
    And what kind of swell tree is that in the pictures, do you know? I think it's beautiful- look at that awesome undulating trunk!

  2. Really cool mani! I saw a similar one that was Hunger Games themed a while back on Red Hair and Black Nail Polish. I've got to try this look!! (ps the pictures of the aftermath of the storm are intense! I love thunderstorms but they can be scary sometimes too!)

  3. These are stunning! Added to my to-do list ;) x

  4. love all the minor details under the lightning bolts! These are Killer!

  5. Your ideas are amazing and inspirational to many other nail design blogs.

    Two I like reading are

  6. I love lightning manis as much as I love galaxy nails. Only I -can- do galaxies, and the time I tried lightning nails it was an epic fail. Glad you did succeed X'D

  7. Love this! I it's so awesome how you get your inspiration from what's going in your life at the time :)

  8. Stunning! The aftermath pictures are very scary though!


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