Bright Meets Blah

Sometimes I just start a manicure with a color scheme in mind, and let things develop as I paint. Sure, manicures like this generally take way more time than even some of the more complicated ones (surprising, right?), but I like to do them every so often because it's fun to see what happens. I hope you guys don't mind! :D I actually really like how this turned out- and I think I might do a full manicure of just mix-and-match half moons.

Chris and I went to Mahabalipuram this weekend to grab some gifts for him to take home when he visits, and on the way, we stopped to talk to his surfing buddies in Kovallam. I'm pretty excited, when my sister comes, we're both going to take surfing lessons! (I'm also slightly terrified because neither of us can swim) How cool is it that we're going to surf for the first time in the Indian Ocean?! I'm pretty stoked, its going to be an amazing experience! I'm also pretty excited for all the other things that we have been planning to do when she gets here- we're going to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, stay at an elephant preserve in Jaipur, and tons of other stuff we haven't decided yet! I'm excited to finally see the country I've been living in for almost the past year. I'm totally going to pick up one of those curly toed pairs of leather shoes (and probably a million other things!).

Anyway, the nails. Yes, the nails. I have an array of half-moons, stripes, and dottiness in a bright-meets-blah color scheme for you today!

I used:

Dark Grey: Nubar Stronghold
Light Grey: Nubar Marble Tower
Yellow: CND Bicycle Yellow
Turquoise: Zoya Robyn
Basecoat: Seche Vite basecoat


  1. LoL. I am enjoying your enthusiasm. Lovely manicure. And those pointy shoes are called Mojdis/mojris

  2. Your plans sound totally awesomesauce. An elephant preserve!!! Color me very envious! (but v. happy for you! ;-D)
    I love this mani. It's very happy. And coincidentally, I am wearing these colors in clothing today! (But with Cirque Kabocha topped with Lynderella Cauldron Drippings as polishes)

  3. There is nothing blah about this mani, I think your color choices are fantastic and the design is fabulous!

  4. I love it!!! :D

  5. Pretty! It reminds me of a spaceship or something robotic or extraterrestrial! I like it :]

  6. Love the mani! Think I may do something later with that color scheme ;)
    PS Would absolutely LOVE to see pictures of your trip, it sounds like it's going to be amazing. ^-^

  7. i like this mani a lot! i do hav 2 say though, im not luvin the blah part!

  8. very,very great lookin' mani!look at my blog too,hope you like it


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