Bring that Bling!

Every once in a while, I feel like doing something that doesn't involve a nail art brush and several colors, and today/tonight was one of those times. In a twist of perfect fate, the bronze nail art jewels that Maria of Cult Nails sent in that fantabulous care package a while back inspired me to do a black and bronze gem-encrusted manicure. Figuring that all 10 nails might be a tad over the top, I decided to paint my fingertips with black polish, and do ring finger and thumb accent nails. Just enough bling to satisfy my need for sparkle at the end of two very mentally taxing days. I know I'm not generally one to wear glued on nail accessories/gems/whatnot, but this idea got in my head and I just couldn't shake it, so I went for it. I had tiny black Swarovski crystals left over from my Vegas showgirl Halloween costume a few years ago, and luckily I kept them- who knew that instead of ending up on my boobs, they'd end up on my nails?

The black I used for this manicure was also a Cult Nails product- Nevermore. I know I rave about American Apparel Hassid, and while I'll still keep that one around for my nail art, this Cult Nails polish will replace it for full nail coverage. :D This manicure was ONE. COAT, and it dried glossy as all hell. Now I have to figure out what to do with my 10 remaining bottles of Hassid. :-D More nail art?

I should mention that the bronze gems are far brighter in person, I just could NOT get a good picture of them!

Bring that Bling!

Bring that Bling! (2)

Bring that Bling! (3)

Bring that Bling! (4)

I used:

Black: Cult Nails Nevermore
Multi-sized Bronze rhinestones from Cult Nails
Jet 7s Swarovski crystals

Basecoat: Seche Vite basecoat

Quoth the raven, bling some more!


  1. Pleaseee make a tutorial! It looks so nice! :*

  2. It looks really nice!
    ...but isn't it uncomfortable...?

  3. 10 bottles?! I know what you should do, send some to me ;) these look fab!

  4. omg def my fav design!!!!!! i luuuuuvvvv it!!!!!

  5. Srsly? That's one coat of Nevermore? Wowie-kapowie.
    This mani is very Dark Shadows.
    ...and I would have ruined the thumb nail within 2 1/2 minutes if they were my nails...

  6. how go u get the gems off?

  7. everything fits to black nail polish..
    loved it !


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