Zoya Wants to Spoon With You!

If you're anything like me, you've bought a polish, only to get it home to discover that you A. Have something exactly like it B. You hate it, or C. It just doesn't work with your skin tone...at all. :-O Zoya has come up with a solution for it, which I think is so simple, yet so brilliant...Zoya Color Spoons!

Zoya Color Spoons are the newest way to shop for polish online with no risk! In their words:

'This is same Zoya color that comes in the bottle poured into small nail shaped wells to create a tester color spoon - you can see every subtle detail of the color and hold it up to your nail to see exactly how it will look.'
The spoons cost 50¢ each, and ship free, but the best part? Every cent you spend on the spoons goes towards a future purchase on Zoya.com, so you really are getting all of the awesome, with none of the cost.

Here’s how it works...

Simply visit www.zoya.com, select a color(s) to try, click on the coordinating Zoya Color Spoon option in the product ordering area to add the color spoon to your shopping cart. Order as many as you would like. After your order has been approved and processed, zoya.com will ship your selected color spoons out for you to try and email you a confirmation along with your spoon value code (code will also be available under the “my account” section of www.zoya.com so you never have to worry about losing it).


  1. That's pretty spiffy!

    Then if you buy the color, you'll have an easy reference of it!


  2. It wasn't until I read your post that I saw that all the money you spend goes towards future purchases...it really is worth it now! At first I thought I would be paying .50 to find out I don't like a color and now I'm out the couple bucks I spent on spoons. Love it.

  3. can you redeem all your 'spoons' in one go. as in, if you buy 6 spoons can you get $3. off a polish. Also, how much is postage?

    Do they even ship to the UK? lol

    I check cause i'm at work :(


    Ruth x

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. omg!!! please post in our blog someting about learn how to made the marilyn that you made in your nail... please i can't made i have really difficult

  6. You have been tagged! :)

  7. Awesome idea! I make my own color spoons with every color I buy and this just makes that easier too!

  8. Man, just when I decide to not buy any more nail polish! What a great idea!

  9. thanks for this, 'cause i could't find a swatch for a lot of 'em!

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