NYX Sale at Hautelook!

I know that I've been posting sales every day this week, but it's apparently Beauty Week at Hautelook- so they're doing lots of great cosmetics/beauty sales!!! Today's sale is NYX Cosmetics, they have everything from brush sets and brush belts to chrome pigments, to eyeshadows and mascaras...and everything in between! They also have some KILLLLLER special effects eyelashes (perfect for fun looks AND Halloween!), palettes, huge kits and makeup sets, too!

Check out the sale! NYX Sale on Hautelook!


  1. I was really really disappointed in this sale :( NYX's own website has better sales then hautelooks! I have gotten single e/s from NYX for $1 so it is really hard for me to see them for 3/$11. I don't think the percentage off is the greatest this time. I'm passing for now.. maybe next time they will do deeper discounts??

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