Feelin' Blue

Last night, after 2 1/2 years living in Vegas, I finally got to see Blue Man Group perform. Holy crap was it ever worth the wait- it was amazing!! I love how three dudes that don't even talk can make me laugh for nearly 2 hours straight! Plus, when I wasn't laughing, I was in awe of what they were doing! My favorite part of the show was near the very end, but I won't spoil it for those who've never seen it. It was sooooo awesome. I hope I can go again at some point, it was a great night!! :) I loved it so much, in fact, that I was inspired to do a Blue Man Group manicure! I did the three blue guys on my index, middle and ring fingers, then I did the black of their shirts with neon paint splattered on them! :)

Thought I'd show a blacklight picture, since they use blacklight in their performance!
I used ALDO Sea You In Ibiza for a base for the blue men, with American Apparel Hassid for the pinky and thumb nails. To shade the faces, I used a mix of American Apparel Hassid and ALDO Sea You In Ibiza, then to highlight, I used a mix of ALDO Sea You In Ibiza and Orly Snowcone, then topped with Color Club Chelsea Girl. For the eyes, I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud, American Apparel Hassid for the pupils, MAC Rich, Dark, Delicious for one set of irises, a mix of MAC Blue India and L.A. Girl Army Green for the middle guy's irises, and a mixture of MAC Rich, Dark, Delicious and Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud for the left set of irises. For the paint splatter, I used China Glaze Sun Worshipper, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, and Color Club Pucci-licious. Topped the middle three nails off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat, but didn't add it on the pinky and thumb because I wanted the splatter texture to stay visible.

Some pix:

They've definitely mastered the creepy stare. :-P

The band and I- they looked SO rad when performing, only the color on their costume and faces showed in the blacklight!


  1. That's so cool! I love the splattery nails, they so invoke the section of the show while they're playing with paint on the drums! The blacklight is just great!

  2. Great nails and yes, the Blue Man Group is fabulous! I've seen them twice, once when they were at the Luxor (I think they are at the Venetian now?) and they came here where I live in Bakersfield, Ca. I would def see them AGAIN!

  3. love your work on the nails!
    wanted to see in their nails at the Lord's Supper!

  4. could do the Lord's Supper

  5. I saw them in Berlin, really cool show huh!
    I loved it. and your mani is great too!

  6. I know what your talking about at the end! It was amazing!

  7. I have a question: how do you keep your cuticles so clean and soft? I do my nails quite often but my cuticles look jagged =\ any suggestions?

  8. vc não respondeu meus recados!
    gostei da unha!

  9. I've lived in Vegas twenty years and have never seen them, lol.

    Cool nails, though.

  10. Been following for couple months. Love the work !!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE polish!!! 51 & my favorite has been black since high scool. Got some strange looks especially when it wasn't "in" to wear. What I want 2 know is, what remover do you use that hasn't dried your cuticles to dust?

  11. Omg, the blue man group is so scary. My mom went to see them when she left all five of her children at home and went to vegas (yes, I'm still salty about that) and she said they were awesome. But I think they're scary.
    Your nails are fierce as usual though!

  12. you paint nails so good i wish i was as good as you :) i will get there one day maybe lol



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