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I'm sure that unless you were living under a rock today (or unless you are Amish, in which case, you're unlikely to be reading this blog post on the account of no electricity), you've heard the sad news of Gene Wilder's passing. 2016 has been one shitty year for amazing entertainers. We've lost Alan Rickman, Prince, Bowie, Lemmy, just to name a few, and now no more Gene Wilder? They must be having one helluva time up there on the stage in the sky.

Gene was a mainstay in a lot of our lives growing up, whether we knew him as Dr. Frankenstein, Jim, or my personal favorite, Willy Wonka. No matter what his role or character, he brought it to life with his personal brand of quirky humor. Tonight, as my tribute to the man that played the candy man like no one else can, I did some Willy Wonka-themed nail art. Sadly, my nail portrait skills are a bit rusty, and he looks a little like Steve Buscemi. It's the thought that counts though, right? :)

What did I use for this manicure?

Zoya Pinta
Glisten & Glow Wedding Gown White
Glisten & Glow Little Black Dress
Glisten & Glow The Wave @ Wrigley - Polish Con exclusive!
Glisten & Glow ATV in Aruba
LVX Saffron
LVX Mink
KIKO 236 - Geranium Red
KIKO 239 - Vermillion Red
KIKO 279 - Yellow
KIKO 822- Tangerine
KIKO 370 - Hazelnut
KIKO 534- Green Forest
Zoya Rocky
Zoya Ana
Genece Love Brand Nothing But Love
American Apparel California Trooper

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  1. You nails looks amazing! You're rockin' Express new ideas always... great minds think alike! Enjoy your week off!!


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