Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show Me Your Tooth.

Today's nails are simple, bread class wears me out, so I usually don't have much time to paint my nails before I fall into a bread class induced coma. I did, however, get a chance to use my new American Apparel Office polish that I got the other day. This polish, sadly, was less than stellar. The color is amaaaaazing, but it took 3, and probably should've used 4, coats to have full coverage, a far cry from my beloved 1-coat Hassid. Seems like the AA polishes are hit-and-miss pigment-wise. They're all great great great colors, but some are vastly more pigmented than others. Anyway.

I used American Apparel Office as a base, with China Glaze Millennium applied with Konad Plate m63. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


  1. are your hands ok?
    they look sore!!
    I hope you're still taking care of yourself!

  2. Yeah, TOTALLY simple.
    *sarcasm included

  3. Nice! Your hands look different! hope u are ok! :)

  4. Very pretty! Fyi, I have Office and LOVE it. Mine is fully pigmented in 2 coats. Maybe the formula is inconsistent within the same color.

  5. Pretty nails!! is your bread class hard on your hands? they look sore. How about some pics of your bread creations?

  6. awesome nails. um.... what does that have to do with a tooth?

  7. houndstooth pattern?

  8. Thanks everyone!!

    to Anonymous #1= they're actually insanely simple, I used Konad plates! :) The longest portion of the nail was painting the initial aqua color! :)

    Amy3392, Isa :), and Anonymous- My hands are ok, bread class just takes it's toll, with the steel wool dishwashing and scalding water and whatnot. Adding acetone to that in the same day apparently makes them super duper wrinkly!!

    Anonymous- yes, the 'tooth' in the title refers to the houndstooth pattern! :-P

  9. Dude, you are a habitual SV two-coater :) Do you feel it makes nail art hold up better, or do you just like your nails extra shiny, or what?

  10. Sure it was a wonderful weekend!, I'm happy for you!, your outfit is georgeous!


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