Check Out My New Weave!

hahahha. I'm such a dork. :-P Weave. :-D So at work, there is this game team called the Sin City Diablos, and they're a team of dudes that are my friends. They're super funny and sarcastic, and I'm working on being an honorary member. One of my tasks to become an honorary member is to paint their latest game art on my nails. Unfortunately, if I did that, I wouldn't be able to post them on the blog, since the game has yet to be released. SO, as a compromise, I painted an element of their design on my nails- a basket!! :-P

I used Zoya Dea for the vertical stripes, and then for the woven part, I started out with Sally Hansen All the White Stuff, then painted over it with Urban Outfitters Matte Nude 1. For the shading to make it look more like it was actually woven, I mixed the Urban Outfitters Matte Nude 1 with Zoya Dea. Topped it off with just one coat of Seche Vite top coat.


I feel like such a Basket Case today. ;)


  1. That's really cool - so textural & realistic! =) I swear you are an inspiration to step out of the box with nail art

  2. wo this looks so realistic!!! awesome!

  3. hey!
    I'm falling in love from your nails, and your smoke cake..
    I'm from Brazil and I wanna know if your cakes have a website too, cz they are awsome.

    tnks for giv'n me the best pics ever.


  4. I was hoping you'd do something for Doctor Suess's Birthday..which is today. :)

  5. thanks everyone!!

    Vicki- DAMN! had I known... :( I'll definitely do a Dr. Suess theme at some point tho- I LOVEEEEE Dr. Suess.

  6. This really looks like a basket!! You're awesome!!!

  7. you should have seen the wedding cake she made for her sister - that was basketweave too and soo beautiful - nails are really have to do Dr. Seuss!! Big A little A what begins with A :) how many times did we read those books - I can recite them all!!!

  8. oh wow !!! i love your concept !!
    really creative :)
    i do the same with drawing
    1 draw per day
    but i never heard of day nail before !! wow

    anyway i really love that one :D
    and th eolympic too !

  9. Fabulous work! What kind of brush did you use?

  10. OMFG...this is AMAZING! It made my honey stop in his tracks when walking behind me sitting at the computer! I would LOVE to maybe see a step by step, photo blog of this one! I mean, really....super, wicked awesome girl!

  11. I've never seen anything like this before! Totally blew me off my feet! AWESOME!

  12. Very impressive! The texture makes it look like tromp loeil. You have serious talent!

  13. Wow, I can almost feel the texture.


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