Luminesse Air sale on Hautelook!

Luminesse Air Airbrush system is on sale at Hautelook!

They have starter kits, foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, and foundations on sale!

Check it out!



  1. heeey girl!
    omg, I was amazed by your special power of making our nails becoming such pieces of art! you are really an artist! I'm amazed by your talent! congratulations!
    you are becoming an international artist, by the way, cuz I'm from Brazil, and your website is visited here too! :D Congrats one more time!
    i wish ya good look with your talent.

  2. I know this is kind of a late comment but I L-O-V-E Del Sol nail polish! And kudos girl! I love your blog! How original and interesting! Good luck with your art in the future!


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