In Gilded Cage

The idea for today's manicure came to me a while ago, and I had it written amongst the ideas in my notebook. I think when I originally thought of the idea, I envisioned the cage black, but I think this way works too! :)

I used Orly Snowcone as a base, with American Apparel Manila for the yellow birds, and China Glaze Salsa over Sally Hansen All the White Stuff for the red birds. American Apparel Hassid for the legs and the eyes, and China Glaze 2030 from Khrome Collection for the birdcages.


  1. omg! thats so cute! great job!!!

  2. I really really like your nail designs!!
    I look every day on your site (:
    But I can't do a lot of your designs because I have very short nails :'(

  3. WOW, cool idea and great design! I like how the bird on your ring finger is red :)

  4. What - no blue parakeets?? Remember your bird?

    Cute idea - Mom

  5. I, too love the red bird. Another inspired design!
    This mani makes me think of a present my ex boyfriend/fiancé got me- a vintage victorian birdcage that he fixed up, re-gilded, and then into which he placed a fake bird. (on the bottom, on it's back, so that it would look like an "ex-bird"...) When I opened the box, he said "Oh no, I forgot to put holes in the box!" I was initially horrified, then I realized the joke. It was sickly amusing, and after I realized no birds were harmed in the making of the present, I thought it was hilarious, with a kind of amusing yet tragic air. It was actually the perfect present for me.
    Although- in light of what I put up with from that guy, I'm pissed he didn't buy me loads of very, very expensive jewelry.
    I guess I'm a cheap date. Sigh.
    Married 18 years now (to a different, WONDERFUL guy!) and I still don't have a diamond. Don't really care about 'em, either...
    Now, rubies, on the other hand...

  6. Heeeeyyy, maybe that's why I like sparkly nail polish....

    This is better than therapy!!!!

  7. awesome nails! how do even get a idea like that?

  8. Great idea, I don't like birds, BUT i like this mani!

  9. didn't you already do a houndstooth pattern? so you kind of repeated a manicure.

  10. thank you everyone!! :)

    Anonymous- yes, I have done a houndstooth before, but different colors give very different effects, therefore I don't really consider it a repeat. I've also sponged and marbled several times with different colors, but I don't consider those repeated manicures either. :)

  11. this is mind blowing! omg =))) <3

  12. I always save your nail pics to get inspiration. You are so cool!


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