Thursday, March 4, 2010

Konad USA Puts Stop to Coupon codes!

From ocnailart twitter:

FYI Konad USA is requiring all Konad retailers to end all promotions, discounts and coupon codes! OCNailArt will honor them through 3/5.

Lame. Everyone shop shop shop all today and tomorrow. That'll be the end of 30% off from all Konad sellers. :(


Free domestic shipping for order $20 and over will still apply after 3/5! :)


  1. Thanks for the warning!
    That is a shame though...

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one

  3. Do you know if OC Nail Art is removing the free shipping if you spend x amount?

  4. I have a feeling this will damper a lot of spending on konad...I know it will for me.

    thats too bad... i don't think i will be getting konad as often as i usually do.

  6. I got this email too.....this will definetly effect my konad purchases.

    So sad:(

  7. It Is a bit of a bummer, but let's face it %30 was crazy...great while it lasted though. Keep on konadding!

  8. I got four more plates last night. I hope that lasts me . . . forever! haha. I feel bad for the stores; sales will be down for sure.

  9. If sales plummet after the discount ending- I wonder if it will hurt the parent company (Konad) or the purveyors (OC Nail Art/ WowSoCool)? I fear for the purveyors. I don't want OCNA or WSC to suffer because of Konad USA's doofusness. This is really a bummer. What a bunch of chum. Thanx for the info, though. But, way to hit people while they're down, Konad USA.

  10. After searching for over an hour I finally found a 20% off coupon code that works at

    It works...I just placed an order.

  11. Anony I LOVE YOU!!
    I just Ordered @ocnail too.... I spent a hours looking for a code :D thank you thank you!!!

  12. thank you very much for the informative, it is a little late for me to take advantage of it, but I appreciate you mentioned it!

  13. I wasn't aware of this, thanks a lot for the update on the matter.

  14. that's very good info
    i think i will put some my own blog :D
    dove coupons


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