Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Ain't No Ho-Ho!

:-D ok, I'll admit, today's title cracks me up. I'm SUCH a dork.

The inspiration for today's nails came a few months ago via email from Niki C., of Polish on Digital Paper fame, and while I've gotten inspiration from other designs people have sent in before, (with permission, of course ;)) I usually don't copy them stroke for stroke... These however, were too awesome not to, I loved their quirky simplicity. Thanks Niki, you rock! :)

I used MAC Showy as a base (can't find it for sale), then used my white Migi Nail Art Pen for the frosting swirl. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat to simulate the tasty glossy chocolate frosting. Oh damn, I know what I'm going to buy at lunch. *drool*

Anybody got any milk?!


  1. Yummmmm - I want a hostess chocolate cupcake now!!

  2. I agree, Niki rocks! You did a great job as usual too!

  3. I seem to remember peeling off the frosting in one big flat chunk, and then eating the cake and frosting separately. With a glass of milk. (one of the rare times I could be induced to drink plain milk...)


  4. I'm so curious about something. Is it fake nails? hihihi. sorry, I reeeally want to know
    :* u rock

  5. thank you everyone!!!

    ReaderRita- thats totally how I eat them. :-D

    N. - they are my real nails, I have never used or worn artificial nails for my project. :) (My real nails are starting to hate me though I think)

  6. Oh this is making me crave ho ho's!

  7. ahahahah I love them! Thanks for the mention ;)

  8. love love love all your nail ideas...just started looking at them recently so thought i would leave a comment...cant wait to see wat else you do

  9. I think I'm gonna need a cupcake today...LOL
    Super cute.

  10. you should have painted one nail white for the glass off milk. But either way those are soo cute


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