Friday, March 26, 2010

Dukes of 'Hazard'

ACK! People are sick here at work, everywhere I turn, *cough* *HACK* *sniff*. Gross. Major gross. They inspired today's nails... the Biohazard symbol. :) I really hope that I don't get sick, that is about the last thing I need right now. :-/ On the bright side, going to a Bad Religion concert tonight- woo! :)

I used Electric Orange as a base, with American Apparel Hassid. Sealed the deal with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Put your dukes up!


  1. I love all the ideas you have, I dont see how you keep coming up with them! You're work is amazing!

  2. Rockin'! Looking forward to the radioactive version.

  3. AAAwwwww.. ggggeeee. :-/ I was expecting to see the General Lee's flag sign on your nails from the old t.v. show, but hey it's not too late maybe you can do that sometime in the future. As the "Dukes" would say "HHHHHEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!" by the way this "Hazard" design is very good. You must have a steady hand in order to keep those curves half circles looking so good. take care from your oregon viewer. :-)

  4. *cough* aha, unfortunately I'm sick D:

  5. Love these, they really POP! (and I still think that Electric Orange is fabulous!) Hope you had fun at the concert!
    But, in reference to biohazards and illness, how did your co-worker Fish fare after the Great Gummy Bear Munch of February? Did that render him immune to the current round of creeping crud? Are Gummy Bears what we should all be eating in order to stave off illness? (please?)

  6. I love these!!! I wish i could be as cool as you and be able to draw such cool biohazard signs on my nails. :D

  7. me like! I would of done it with green but thats cos my car is green black and silver with biohazards!


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