Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll All Niiiiight! (and Party Every Day)

Day 9

KISS inspired nails today!! I love KISS, and totally hope to meet Gene Simmons one day. PLUS, their makeup is totally fun and interesting looking... so I thought I'd try it on my nails!! :)

I used China Glaze White on White as a base, with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for the line work filled in with Zoya Raven, Zoya Trixie for the silver parts, China Glaze Salsa for all the red, and OPI Green-wich Village for the green around the eyes on the pinky.


  1. I wanna shoot you with my Love Gun.

  2. WOW!!! I LOVE THESE!!! wanna come do mine? ;)

  3. You are on KISS' official .

  4. ha we had rock day today at school (we have homecoming week as themes every year and you have to dress up and stuff) and i actually googled rock themed nails earlier today and found this and did it on my own nails. :) i was actually looking for country nails now for tomorrow when i came across your website (and just to let you know i have spent the last hour on here :P ) and i didnt even know this is where the image came from til i found it again on here! this was an awesome design by the way i love it and will definitly be doing it again. :) love your stuff keep it up!
    God bless- <3

  5. I'm learning this art... Are you looking for a beautiful way to spice up your look? Nail art can complement your outfit for a special event or add a unique flair to your appearance every day, my costumers say it every day: "my husband love this kind of nails in his balls" can you believe it? Anyway, while very detailed nail art is best left to professionals like me, there are a number of techniques that you can do! it's a good post and we can share a lot of tips indeed. 23jj

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