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Ok, maybe that was a bit much...but I am a HUGE, HUGE Aladdin fan. I've easily seen the movie over a hundred times, and pretty much know it word for word. (Super annoying for those that watch it with me, I'm sorry!) When I heard that MAC Cosmetics (the brand that got me hooked on makeup so many years ago) was coming out with a collection to coincide with the new live-action Aladdin movie, I cannot tell you stoked I was!! I instantly knew that a large portion of it would be mine, even if just for my Aladdin collection. (Yes, I said Aladdin collection...) Keep reading for some photos and my thoughts!


Let's start off with the Princess Jasmine palette. This palette is comprised of 9 shades inspired by the desert in many different finishes including: Matte, Frost, Veluxe Pearl (my fave!), and Lustre. My first impression favorites before swatching are Princess Jasmin, Agrabah, Abu!, and Shadowy Lady.

Now for the swatches. Now, I'll be honest, the Frosts didn't swatch well on me.

Top Row: Riffraff (Matte), Rags to Riches (Frost), No Ordinary Lamp (Matte)
Middle Row: Princess Jasmine (Frost), Agrabah (Frost), Abu! (Veluxe Pearl)
Bottom Row: Creative Copper (Lustre), Live the Genie Life (Frost), Shadowy Lady (matte)

Ok. Let's talk real talk. I am a fan of Agrabah, Abu!, and Shadowy Lady, and I also love Riffraff. Live the Genie Life is pretty, I guess, but I really feel like this palette needed a beautiful, rich, metallic gold - think the lamp or the piles of coins in the cave of wonders.....

The shadows that were frosts like Rags to Riches, Princess Jasmine and the one Lustre shade- Creative Copper were really hard to get to show up on my skin, and I tried - I did. I didn't trying swatching wet, because I wanted you all to see what they look like in their natural state. ETA: This morning, I created an eye look using Rags to Riches, and it showed up beautifully on the eye - I'll be trying the others on and seeing if this is the case with all the problem shades during the swatches. 

Had this palette not been Aladdin themed, with the Agrabah-inspired packaging, I'd probably regret getting it if I'm being honest. I'm going to revisit this statement when I try them all on the eye vs. just swatches. 

This palette retails for $35, and can be found at and


Ok, a slightly happier topic...lipsticks. And boy, did these lipsticks make me happy! Even the palest shade, Friend Like Me, which I thought would be too pale on my fair skin, was perfect. I'm SUPER happy that I bought all four!

In the top photo, the shades are as follows: Whole New World (Velvet Matte), Rajah (Matte), Princess Incognito (Matte), and Friend Like Me (Amplified)

All four shades had great pigmentation, felt smooth, and were perfect for my fair skin, but I know they'd look amazing on other skin tones as well! I think Rajah and Princess Incognito are my favorites, but you choose yours from below! I'm an idiot, and they're in a different order, so here goes: From left: Rajah, Princess Incognito, Friend Like Me, and Whole New World.

I don't often wear traditional lipsticks - I usually lean the way of a longer, but for nudes, I almost ALWAYS pick a bullet lipstick over a longwear - I just think they look prettier and more natural when they're not a drier matte like many longer lipsticks are. I'm super, super loving these, and I'll be wearing them a lot this summer, I know it!

The lipsticks retail for $20, and can be found at and


Now that I have my short pixie cut hair, I wear more glosses- no worry of my hair getting stuck in it anymore! lol When I saw these lipglasses, I was mesmerized by how pretty they are! They still are a bit tacky, like lipglasses tend to be, but the molten jewel-like finish is worth a bit of stickiness to me.

My personal favorite is Jewels on Jewels, it's absolutely gorgeous, and looks like crushed rubies - perhaps the ruby that Abu grabs in the Cave of Wonders?! I tried Diamond in the Rough on its own, and I think it's a little too pale on me to wear on it's own, but it will definitely look gorgeous over any of the lipsticks from this collection! Last, but not least, is Magic Carpet Ride, a pale pink with a gorgeous pink pearl - I bet this would look incredible over super dark lipsticks - even black!

The lipglasses retails for $19, and can be found at and

From left: Jewels on Jewels, Magic Carpet Ride, Diamond in the Rough.

Also in the above photo is a swatch of Always One Jump Ahead, which they classify as a Powder Blush, but I'd definitely describe as a warm gold highlight with golden shimmer. I'm obsessed with the packaging on this one - it has the magic lamp embossed on it's surface, which will make it VERY hard for me to want to use it regularly, no matter how pretty it is. LOL

This powder blush retails for $35, and can be found at and


So that's it - everything I bought from the collection... there is still a bronzer, a Crystal Glaze Gloss, and a repackage of Rose pigment and Graphblack Technakohl Liner in the Agrabah-inspired packaging.

I'm pretty happy with this collection, while I didn't LOVE the entire palette, there are enough shades in it that are pretty that I know I'll get some good use out of it, and the lipsticks are absolutely beautiful! I'll definitely be wearing a MAC Aladdin look on Thursday after work when I got see the new movie! I'm crossing my fingers that it's good - I have my doubts about Will Smith, after all, I'm a Genie purist, but from the previews I saw, it actually looks pretty good! Nothing and no one will ever be as good as the original Aladdin and Robin Williams, but maybe it will be good in its own way!

Will you be picking up anything from this collection? You should hurry, because I feel like this collection will sell out! :) 

Tell me your favorites in the comments below!

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