A Spring Affair in The Forum Shops!

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It's Spring, and you know what that means? It means it's time for me to share the great day that I shared with some fabulous and fun ladies here in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops! I seriously always love these seasonal jaunts through the shops for lots of reasons! I love the time with all the other bloggers - I leave feeling so energized and excited to be part of the blogging community here in Vegas! On top of that, I always learn about stores that I might not have ever stopped at otherwise! (I also end up buying something every time - who can resist?!) Hit the jump to see what I ended up buying this trip! (And learn a bit about the stores we checked out this time!)

In what other city than Las Vegas can you walk into another country after leaving (the secret) VIP Valet into a group of boss babes, brunch, and fantastic mimosas right alongside the Fountain of the Gods?! The amazing ladies from the Forum Shops set up an awesome spread of pastries, mimosas & coffee, and with that, we were fortified for a fun day of shopping!


First stop, Rimowa! Before this event, I'd heard of Rimowa, and knew that they were known for their high-end, quality luggage, but had never experienced it for myself.

I had no idea all of the cool options they had to offer, from different models to personalization options (stickers galore!)

There are several different collections that Rimowa has to offer, and one of my favorite features of Rimowa luggage–the Flex Divider–is available in most of them! The cool thing about the Flex Divider is that it's like built in packing cubes - you can adjust the strap to tightly contain whatever contents of your suitcase there may be!

My favorite thing about their luggage is that it gives off that super rockstar vibe - the sturdy metal exterior of the aluminum suitcase body can be plastered with stickers from your travels! They have stickers from several major cities - even a pizza sticker! (my fave, obvi) I feel like it's super 'I'm on a world tour' and it would be a killer way to document your travels over the years! (and people DO keep this luggage for year - there is a story about a customer of theirs that was asked to donate his old suitcase to the store when he replaced it after 25 years and 2.1 million air miles! That's impressive, when I can barely get a suitcase that doesn't fall apart with a year of travel! If, heaven forbid, anything happens to your Rimowa luggage, they can repair it, and will even offer up a loaner to keep you on the go!


Another shop on the list that I've never been to - but this is a newer addition to the Forum Shops! Upon walking into the Club Monaco store, you're greeted by bright, airy pieces in all gorgeous earth tones.

There are jumpsuits in linen, breezy shirt dresses in dove grey, sweaters, tees, even jewelry and other accessories like this darling basket bag.

I feel like the most unique feature of the Club Monaco store at the Forum Shops (there are only 2 Club Monaco stores that feature it) is the lighting! What?! I know it sounds weird, but the geniuses at Club Monaco has figured out how to make crappy fitting room lighting a thing of the past- when you step into your fitting room, you'll see a little panel with 4 lighting options: Indoor, Day, Evening, and Vegas. How fun is that?!

Danielle, the store manager, took us through all the gorgeous new Spring looks, and then gave us a HUGE, AWESOME surprise – we got to pick our favorite and take it home! I was absolutely obsessed with the Danielle shirt dress that was paired with the Leileh straight cropped denim. I loved its versatility - I can wear it together, and I can also wear each piece separately!


I have this thing with floors... you know that IG, right? Anyway, in the entranceway to the Robert Graham store is a tile floor design that says 'The Devil Is In the Details.'

Well, when you walk into the Robert Graham store, you definitely find that to be true. The store is a spectrum of color and pattern, all woven together seamlessly- these designs are definitely not for the faint of heart! Robert Graham is known for their mixing of bold prints and attention to detail - even the inside of the cuffs of each shirt are lined with a bold patterned fabric!

I always assumed that Robert Graham was only a men's clothing line, but I was wrong - there were some seriously gorgeous dresses there, and tons of fun, patterned shirts, scarves, and jackets!

They also have some pieces that are limited edition - they boast hand-sewn details and are numbered on the inside of the placket, which makes them all the more special to add to your collection! With Father's Day coming up, there are tons of ideas to add to the list of great gifts!

Robert Graham even carries their own fragrances - Fortitude, Valour, and Courage. Each one has a totally rad topper - my favorite might be the bulldog - am I biased because of Winston? Maybe. (it was my favorite scent even without the bulldog too, though)


I. LOVE. SUNGLASSES. Aside from shoes, they're my very favorite accessory. I have amassed an impressive collection over the years– interestingly enough, a pair of orange and black Ray-Ban Clubmasters were my very first pair of non-cheapy sunglasses, and I've been hooked ever since!

It was really fun to try on new styles and frame shapes from Ray Ban, and I definitely added some styles to my wishlist! (and maybe one to my collection) The style I picked were part of the Ferrari collection - I loved the frame with my face shape, the brow bar, and the fact that the nose pads and earpieces were a bright, bold yellow! (one of my favvvvorite colors!)

One of the other styles that I added to my wishlist is the same frame shape, but with a cool gradient lens, which I love the look of. I have a pair of sunglasses from Fendi that have a different shape but similar lens gradient/color that I absolutely adore.

Do you have a favorite frame shape or sunglasses style that you tend to go for over and over again? I definitely do - I know what fits my face, and while sometimes I will deviate from it for frames that are truly rad, I tend to stick to what works!


Food. Oh God, how I love food. I don't know what happened recently, but in the last 6 months to a year or so, my body decided that it LOVES sushi and seafood. (This is after a good 37 years of hating it or tolerating it) When I saw that Sushi Roku was our final stop for the day, I was SO stoked, and we didn't even know yet what was in store! We were surprised with a lesson on the cuts of the tuna (he even showed us how they cut the enormous pieces into usable filets. After that demonstration, he picked a volunteer from our group to learn how to make a spicy tuna roll - Patty was up to the challenge, and he guided her (and us) through all the steps to make the perfect roll! It was a super fun addition to our lunch! 

Next up, we started with the awesome meal. First up, Brussels sprouts, which look unassuming, but they were delicious (another addition to the list of foods I used to hate, but now adore these days).

After that was plate after plate of amazing sushi - from sashimi to full-on rolls. There were seriously too many delicious dishes to count! (and we ate them ALL!) To supplement the delicious dishes, we were treated to some gorgeous and vibrantly pink prickly pair cactus cocktails, and some earthy sake. 

The grand finale to this meal was SO cool! The server brought out these large pink clouds of fluffy cotton candy and set them down on the table in front of us. He took out a lighter and lit the cotton candy on fire to reveal a beautiful red velvet cake with ice cream and berries - the melted cotton candy added a little bit of crunch and that delightful burnt sugar taste. 

In addition to the red velvet extravaganza was a dish of little mini donuts filled with dark chocolate, and rolled in cinnamon sugar. To make them even more delicious (is that possible?), there were two dipping sauces - vanilla and caramel, and I definitely tried both. YUM. I loved the spectacle that was the red velvet cotton candy dessert, but those little donut holes, to die for.

I am SO glad that I get the opportunity to go to these awesome outings, I love our group of bloggers, and I love the team at the Forum Shops, they're so thoughtful and sweet, and they always put together an amazing day for us! Thank you so much to them and to Christie Moeller (of Icanstyleu.com) for organizing this fabulous day!

Disclosure: This event was hosted, but all opinions are my own. 

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