KBShimmer Sun's Out Collection Swatches - Summer 2019

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Despite the temperature of my hands never breaching a balmy -46°F, I LOVE thermal polishes. They may exist solely in the cold state when on my fingertips, but the fact that I know that there is another magical color hiding in that polish is enough for me. Imagine my delight when Christy, of KBShimmer, said she was releasing a collection of TRI-color thermals. Holy ever-loving crap, YES! Add in a little signature KBShimmer shimmer, and BAM! You've got the summer Sun's Out collection! Check out my swatches after the jump!

KBShimmer Just Glow With It 

COLD - Neon Coral-red
WARM - Neon Orange
HOT - Neon Pink

SHIMMER: Golden orange

KBShimmer Slay La Vie

COLD - Bold Magenta
WARM - Bright Medium Pink
HOT - Neon Barbie Pink

SHIMMER: Purple & Blue

KBShimmer That's S'More Like It

COLD - Burgundy
WARM - Bright Rosy Red
HOT - Bubblegum pink

SHIMMER: Golden & Green, occasional flecks of rainbow hues

KBShimmer Grow With the Flow

COLD - Grapey purple
WARM - Medium blue
HOT - Bright sky blue

SHIMMER: Pink & green iridescent

KBShimmer Aft Backwards

COLD - Deep purple
WARM - Bright purple
HOT - Bright Bubblegum Pink 

SHIMMER: Blue / aqua 

KBShimmer Reel Good Time

COLD - Deep Aubergine
WARM - Blurple!
HOT - Barbie Pink

SHIMMER: Coppery iridescent

KBShimmer Pool Shark

COLD - Dark Indigo
WARM - Denim Blue
HOT - Bright Turquoise

SHIMMER: Green, Copper, Rainbow

KBShimmer Best Buds

COLD - Dark Denim Blue
WARM - Warm Orchid
HOT - Minty Aqua

SHIMMER: Cooper & rainbow iridescent

KBShimmer Aloe There

COLD - Deep Pine Green
WARM - Emerald
HOT - Bright Lime

SHIMMER: Green / Gold / Copper

I REALLY, REALLY love this collection. I feel like the color combos are unique, and I really love the tri-color effect- it's something that we really haven't seen yet (at least I haven't). I'm pretty much obsessed with Best Buds, it's an amazing color combination, and so unique! It will definitely be a regular in my polish rotation, even if I only see it in it's dark state. 🤣 You can get this collection starting tomorrow, May 10, at 10 a.m. EST, and they retail for $11 each. 

What shades are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the maker for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love these polishes! Of course now i want them all! But my wallet says no


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