Vintage Vroom

Hey everyone!! Guess what I got in the mail the other day?! OPI Damone Roberts 1968!! Boy, did this color live up to the hype- its beautiful, and totally reminds me of vintage cars or stoves. :-P Today's nails are based on the vintage car colors and chrome. Not perfect, but it works. :-D Today was fun- I went bowling with some of my old coworkers- I bowled a 129 :-D (and an 88, and an 83, but let's not talk about those ;)) Also- my sister rode into town today on her motorcycle, and is going to be here a few days- I'm super excited to see her and show her Vegas! :)

Swatch of OPI Damone Roberts 1968

I used OPI Damone Roberts 1968 (which you can order by calling 310-271-2100) as a base, then painted American Apparel Cotton on the tip at an angle, then used China Glaze Millennium for the chrome, then mixed with American Apparel Hassid to shadow. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Woo!! It sounds like a hurricane out here! (the wind is blowing SO hard!)


  1. That's so pretty! Why are diagonals so chic? I love 'em and I covet Damone Roberts 1968.

  2. It does remind me of going to a classic car show! LOL very cute

  3. I ordered mine last week, can't wait till it arrives! Such a nice creamy green!

  4. What a pretty shade of green! :)
    The vintage cars or stoves comment made me laugh. Growing up, that was the same colour as my sink, toilet, bathtub and livingroom walls! lol
    When my parents bought the house from my grandparents, they updated things pretty quickly. ;)

  5. Like the nails, also a fan of the shorter nails!!

  6. I like your nails longer. They look so much more elegant and beautiful. Will you grow them out? I'd be so much happier if you did. And I totally love your blog. It's so inspiring.

  7. haha , I did this on my nails too ! I loved . It's really beaut ! Are you profecional ? This's too dificult !

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