Piece of Cake

Ahhh, it's done, the cake is finished, the wedding is over. Thank goodness. I'm exhausted, since I didn't really sleep last night because I kept having cake-related nightmares. It was NOT good. lol Anyway, the cake seemed to be a success, and the bride was happy! :-D My bread class ends tomorrow, I'll be sad when it's over, I really enjoyed it! On monday, my sister comes to stay for a few days, so I'm super excited about that, it'll really be good to have some family around, even if only for a few days. Today's nails were based off of the illustration on the back of the wedding invitations, a red hand-drawn looking flowery design.

The inspiration:

The nails:

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with China Glaze Strawberry Fields for the line work.

Some pictures:

The cake I made for the wedding as my gift:

They killed it!!



The bride:

Food baby!! lol I have a great ability to push out my tummy and look pregnant. :-P (and the food was SO good, I ate until I couldn't breathe- I actually had to unzip my dress a little lol)


  1. Mmmmmm yummy! I hate having food babies. I just want to get the labour over with. XD

  2. OMG, Melissa!!! We have the same dress! I actually just wore that dress to my senior prom last night!! :) yay!

  3. Oh-my-gosh! The bride is gorgeous! As are you and the cake and the nails!

    I wish I had your talent :)

  4. haha you really look pregnant
    the red polish looks like paint, beautiful
    i can never get that effect with my stripers

  5. hehe! the pic of you is so funny! and the cake just wow! but, i thought you would do
    mother-day nails.

  6. Love the floral design. You should be very proud of that cake, what a masterpiece!

  7. i thought your nails were phenomenal, but look at that cake! you are so talented!

  8. the bride looks beautiful! I can't believe you made that cake by yourself. wow.

  9. Wow, that cake is amazing!

  10. the cake looked amazing!! congratulations!!

  11. The bride is a stunner, as is the cake!
    That pic of you is really funny. And your nails have an almost Marimekko feel to them. Very pretty! Hope that a great time was had by all.
    Enjoy your last bread class!

  12. hahaha i totally nkow what you mean about the food baby. I get em all the time. Cake was beautiful!
    happy mothers day :)

    -casey (a devoted reader)

  13. Nice cake! I have a suggestion....Hello Kitty nails. Like hello kitty on the thumbs and bows and other hello kitty stuff on the others?? How bout it?

    -jessica, hello kitty and cake fan

  14. Cake looks awesome. And it looks like it tastes really really good!

  15. cake and nails look great. i scrolled immediately, so i only saw the stomach, then you, and not the caption. nice!! looking at your other pictures, though, you look nothing like that. :)

  16. Lol. I totally have the food baby ability. Last night it was a Jamie Oliver chocolate brownie baby. Nice.
    Loving the nails - what a neat idea!!! Can't wait to see more awesome designs...



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