Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

So I was totally craving a pizza tonight, and Little Caesar's Hot N Ready was offered up. While I enjoy Little Caesar's for what it is, a utility pizza (meaning it gets the job done, but isn't huge on awesome), I was craving more of the tasty variety, like Grimaldi's, or something else equally delicious. However, Grimaldi's doesn't make for good nail art (and I'm not sure Little Caesars does either, but you get it anyway) :-D Anyway. Wanna know the crazy thing? I didn't even eat pizza. :) (not so crazy, I'm aware.) To the nails!!

I used MAC Vestral White as a base, with CND Electric Orange for the the orange, and American Apparel Hassid for the black. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Ok, now that that is posted, I need to get back to watching Brad Meltzer's DECODED and freaking out about the apocalypse instead of what I SHOULD be doing...sleeping.


  1. Yum! Little Ceasars :) I love those little bread things stuffed with cheese ^_^

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  3. Little Ceasar's is what your have when you need fast food pizza. Fast, filling, not inedible...but it doesn't fill the craving.

  4. :) Haha how awesome! I ate pizza last night :)

  5. I am now craving for pizza haha. Oh ouch on the cut :( I hate getting a cut on my fingers especially near the nails. I love your work! Keep it up <3

  6. LOL, this started my day with a smile...I haven't had Little Caesar's in a long time.

  7. This is probably my favorite so far.

  8. I'm not a fan of Little Ceaser Pizza myself (Pizza Hut is my tru love LOL), but I love the design! Very cute and bright for winter.

    BTW, I applaud you on your "letter" that you posted. You clearly have your priorites in order and you post here when you can and that's okay! We enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more of it. I know it's hard, but try to find time for yourself. Especially with such a hectic job schedule. Thank you again for all of your hard work on this blog and for sharing your awesome nail art with us. I wish I had just a 1/32 of your talent. : )

  9. I love me some Little Ceaser's!! love your manicures!!

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  10. Tiny Ceasar's is the thing that your current currently have if you want fast food pizza. Quickly, filling, definitely not inedible...but it isn't going to populate the hankering.

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