Finger Paints Palette of Petals Spring Collection (PREVIEW)

Holy cuteness. I'm lovin' this new collection for Spring from Finger Paints- and those flower rings?! Adorable. Can't wait to see these in person- I love fun colors!! I think Dahlia My Number and Chysanthe-mum's the Word are my favorites just from the pictures!

Aren't You Glad-iolous?

Carnation Creation

Chrysanthe-mum's the Word!

Dahlia My Number

Did You Ast-her Out?

Heavenly Hydrangeas


  1. oh I can't wait, just in time for my birthday!

  2. These ARE too cute! Loving the green and Dahlia My Number!

  3. Oooo I like these!!! Can't wait!

  4. I never tried Finger Paints, but this collection looks amazing! The colors really does reflect on spring!I'm drawn to Aren't You Glad-iolous, Carnation Creation, Chrysanthe-mum's the Word, Heavenly Hydrangeas!! Can't wait @__@

  5. Loved the colors and the rings, too. Can´t wait to get carnation creation and seeing them on your innovative nail art here on the blog.

  6. Totally cute! I really want the rings :-D

  7. Does anyone else think it's weird that they are all creams but one? :s


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