Color Club Alter Ego PREVIEW!

Alter Ego!

Color Club lets you create high-fashion looks for every identity with Alter Ego, their latest collection of diverse, long-lasting lacquers!

Alter Ego’s consists of 12 shades! Go incognito with our opaque shades or rendezvous in full view with our sheers of Alter Ego ‘LIGHTS’ and ‘DARKS’!

Alter Ego’s ‘Reveal Your Mystery Collection’ 7 piece salon pack includes Get a Clue, Revealed, Incognito, Secret Rendezvous, Sheer Disguise, and Give Me a Hint shades plus Milky White Base Coat. Their ‘Keep It Undercover Collection’ 7 piece salon pack includes Alter Ego, Secret Agent, Total Mystery, Alias, Ulterior Motive and Masquerading plus Vivid Top Coat.

For more information call Color Club at 800-221-8080, email or visit us online at


  1. Since when did this site become a tool of advertising?

  2. Thats exactly what I was thinking jen... =\

  3. Woooohh... pretty! <3
    I'm your 199th follower on bloglovin', hehe(:

  4. hi! i love your site and have been following for a while. although i think it's wonderful to get to work with so many of the brands you enjoy using, i wish your blog posts would be your own thoughts and words about upcoming collections, etc. if i wanted to read their latest PR release, i can go to their website. i understand if life gets busy and you can't publish a new manicure more than once a week or something, but these posts are no substitute for your quirky, fun personality!

  5. Wow, just what I came to this site for, advertising?! I came to see your nail art and it's apparent that there is less and less of it.

  6. I'm mostly amazed that people think they have "right" to expect things from bloggers. It's all in good fun and like.. if a blogger does something you don't like, don't read the post or just accept that all bloggers, regardless of what they've posted earlier, do what THEY want to do.

    Jeez on the four of the comments above.

  7. Can you post more about the alter ego collection? it would be so nice!


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