American Apparel INFO

Since there has been a lot of concern recently about the American Apparel polishes, so I contacted American Apparel, and here's what I found out:

"American Apparel set out to produce this nail lacquer collection with a Made in USA company, and our deep affection for this family-owned corporation was a motivating factor in our decision to work with Forsythe. But one thing we value even more is the safety and health of our customers. This is why American Apparel paid for the costly international recall out of its own pocket, even trading one old bottle for two new bottles of polish to all customers, immediately after we discovered problems with the packaging. We wish no ill-will towards this fellow American manufacturer, but need to seek a fair and accountable solution to this incident."

Hope that calms some concerns. No 'exploding' nail polishes. :)


  1. Was this for the recall when they first came out? I have a couple bottles that I got last Christmas and I'm not sure if they are part of the recall.

    Is there any way to tell if I have faulty bottles?

  2. Frakkin' drama mongers everywhere...I love the wording... Shame on whoever decided to start the rumor that the polish was exploding "on the shelves." We all know the bottles were breaking in shipment. Some Engineer failed in the shipping testing to check the CONTENTS of the boxes. :/ But come on...We Lacquerheads KNOW the bottles weren't dramatic.
    Sometimes I wish we had less lawyers and a whole lot more common sense partnered with more responsibility/accountability.

  3. We don´t have them here in Brazil, but I thought your post very informative and careful. Tks a lot

  4. When I initially bought my American Apparel polishes one bottle shattered in the bag as I was leaving the store... they didn't let me exchange though. Glad they're doing something about the problem though!


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