Friday, June 4, 2010

Doin' Doughnuts

So today, this, the first friday in June, is National Doughnut Day here in America. Sounds like a silly, sugar-filled excuse to eat deep-fried dough coated in melted deliciousness, but really, it started in 1938 as a fundraiser for the Chicago Salvation Army! This is a holiday I can get behind. :) Trust me, I headed to my local Krispy Kreme store to get my free doughnut, a delicious lemon cream filled one. Mmmm. I also 'had' to pick up a couple glazed for the road. I think I'm one of the weird folk that doesn't like them very much when they're hot from the fryer- I actually prefer them cold, like almost frozen. :-D I decided that in honor of National Doughnut Day, I would do Krispy Kreme nails, since they're super delicious. :-P (even though the best doughnuts come from back home in Michigan at H&H Bakery, where I worked and went to all the time when I was younger).

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with Nubar Forest applied with Konad Plate m79. For the iconic red K's, I used a mixture of American Apparel Downtown L.A. and A Beautiful Life Poison. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Ok, time for sugar coma. (because yeah, I ate that doughnut I'm holding in the picture, and the lemon one right before it. ;)


  1. Krispy Kreme is a logo I can love, but I must admit I like Dunkin' Donuts doughnuts better. I prefer the cake doughnut to the raised doughnut. But that's me. Really, any doughnut is better than no doughnut!!!!
    Hurray for National Doughnut Day!!!!
    Adorable nails!
    And now I have a taste for grease and sugar...

  2. Absolutely awesome nails! I love Krispy Kreme. :) Mmm....wishing I had some right now. Heh.

  3. what ur doing is awesome love all ur designs ur fantastic :)

  4. You really do have a national doughnut day? And that's what Krispy Kremes are. 2 things I have learned today. Love the spots.

  5. i like Krispy Kreme but Shipley's Donuts in my hometown of Pearland, Texas beats Krispy and Dunkin'!!!!
    Great nails!

  6. I vaguely remember a post where you were in the West Michigan area? Am I wrong? If not... next time, you need to try Sweetwater's doughnuts, they're the best!

  7. I am so sad I missed doughnut day! I miss eating doughnuts!
    Great nails, but you did say we would get responses on that post, did you not?

  8. Cute, cute nails but glad I didn't see this yesterday. KK is less than 2 miles away and I would have been over there like a shot. KK's are like the ones Grama use to make...light, fluffy and gone in three bites. Not those gutbombs the hubs likes from the grocery store.

  9. monique:nossa eu amo seu blog mas adorei estas unhas eu vi seu outro blog e não gostei mais este e muito legal mesmo.♥

  10. Dang it... why don't they have krispy kreme donuts in austalia?!
    Really love the polka dots tho =)


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