Thank You For Being a Friend…

I suck. I suck at keeping up with comments, emails, questions, etc. here on the blog. I try, but get frustrated with my slow-ass computer and glacial internet speed (I'm looking at you, COX!!) Anyway. This post is to let you all know that I read EVERY comment, EVERY email, EVERY suggestion, and look at ALL of the pictures that you send me. It delights me to see the work that you've all done, and it brightens my day to read the amazing comments that you leave daily. I couldn't ask for a better following of readers!!

The other purpose of this post is for you to comment with questions, which I WILL answer!! (and I promise to try to get to all the backlogged emails, too!)

So, with all that said, Thank you. Thank you for being a reader, a commenter, and a friend. :)




  1. Hi!,
    What are the plate's you talk about?
    and will you follow one of my blog's?

    Thanks for posting your nails everyday! wow, that must be hard!

  2. Golden Girls FTW I don't really have any questions for ya...but do want to let you know that I love your blog and I wish I was half as talented as you are at doing my nails =)

  3. are you really going to stop blogging after the 365 days are up??? what will we all do?!

    always paint both hands or sometimes just one?

  4. I really do appreciate your nailart and inspiration :)

    Don't know if you have time to check out my blog but really would appreciate it :)

  5. Have you ever used Fimo canes/slices?

  6. You should do dice nails. If you do, please give me a shout-out. My name is Aimee.

  7. *sings off-key*
    And if you threw a party,
    invited everyone you knew.
    You would see the biggest gift would be from me
    and the card attached would say,
    thank you for being a friend.

    No questions. Just a big fat thanks for getting this song stuck in my head again! :)

  8. Don't worry!!!!
    It's a pleasure to leave a comment here, because you make a wonderful job...wonderful art!!!!
    And you're welcome!!!!!

  9. I have been checking your blog everyday for months now! Love it!

    You are the reason I bought my first Konad plates and got addicted to it!!! So my question is, What do you think is the best brand to use for Konad stamping? I mean in general because I know it depends on the color. So far for me the best ones have been the MAC. What do you think?


  10. Do you always paint both hands? Also, I would love it if you did nails like David Bowies Ziggy Stardust makeup! White base with the lightning bolt? That'd be awesome. Maybe I should do that myself! I love your blog, its a pleasure to read everyday :)

  11. You have a wonderful blog! I'm a huge fan (though mostly a silent one - shame on me). Keep up the excellent work :)

  12. No need to reply, just wanted to let you know that I much enjoy your blog...even as a girl who almost NEVER paints her nails! And I admire your persistence to get something up every day! That takes WORK! Keep on rockin!

  13. Oh, we think you're GREAT!
    You do SO much, and are a constant source of inspiration! I got my first Konad plates because of you, just like Fer, above.
    You are ultra talented, and each nail is a piece of artwork, without a doubt.
    This was a great idea for a blog project, and I'm sure none of us know what we'll do if you decide to call it quits once October 1st (right?) rolls around.
    I, for one, hope you choose to keep doing the blog, just relaxing the time frame a bit to let you have your life!
    You are fabulous, my friend, and don't you ever forget it!!!

    (but, please don't ever post another picture of Rue McClanahan- she scares me to death!)

    And I think the nail design that Eden Blue wants is Bowie's makeup on the cover of the "Aladdin Sane" album. (my personal favorite)

    oh-I had an idea yesterday- how about a set of blueprints on your nails? I don't seem to remember you having done that, but then I could be having my first 'senior moment'...

    and don't forget-YOU ROCK!!!! YAY!!!!

  14. OOps, she's Eden Bue, not Eden Blue! -see, that's the senior-moment-kind of stuff I was talkin' about! Maybe I need to eat more green things... and not the M&M kind... ;D

  15. AAWWW!
    your welcome! ;)
    but, where are the nails????????

  16. I would LOVE to see the brushes, microscopic tools, wizard spells. . . whatever you use to create such detail on your nails!
    And I know you said no tutorials, but maybe just one? Pretty pretty pretty puh-leaseeee

  17. Thank You for such a great blog it makes my day! Your blog gave me the motivation to finally stop biting my nails (a 21 year habit). Thank You Much!!!

  18. Yes YEs!! A tutorial would be soooo amazing, just one. And I honestly wouldn't even mind if you don't say anything; just film yourself doing your nails one time!

    BTW, Melissa, you are my nail inspiration! I save my favorites of your nail designs to my computer and do my interpretation of them when I'm feeling like doing a nail design. Also because of you I really want to start konading. gahhh I'm such a nail addict haha

  19. Your blog is awesome! You're so talented and I hope to someday do my nails as good as you do haha.

    I had to do a school project on a "talent" as my final grade, and I chose to do nail art, and a lot of the designs for that originated from yours, so thank you for the ideas!

  20. Oiii...Amo seu blog...sou do Brasil...mais todos os dias passo pra ve como está...Parabéns vc é minha ídola das unhas...rsrs

  21. Oiii ... I love your blog ... I'm from Brazil ... more every day step to see how it is ... Congratulations you are my idol of the nails ... lol

  22. I can't lie... I was really hoping today would be GOLDEN GIRLS NAILS day!! LOL!

  23. OMG I thought you were gonna do Golden Girl nails too!!! LOL

    Anyway no questions from me. Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and creativity sooooo much. Thanks for doing it!!!!

  24. I agree with others- please don't leave us when you're done with 365! You can blog about anything you like, I think a lot of us come back daily because we like who you are.

    Plus, yeah, your nails are cool too.

  25. What kind of brushes do you use? Thanks again for inspiring me and my step daughter in our nail art. Keep up the great work!

  26. Another questions I forgot. Whatever happened with your one finger you put that gel product one from the Las Vegas expo? Did you like the out come? Please tell.

  27. Hey! Thank you so much for inspiring everyone with your nail art. Sadly, i'm having the same problem as you with the yellow nails! I should let them breath a little. Again, thank you so much! I have sent you many pictures of how my nails come out but receive no response but hopefully you like them!

  28. OMG, Rue McClanahan has died! Yikes!

    (And, BTW, well said, semperfime37! I so agree!)

  29. Where are the responses? I know.... I know.... Life comes before blogs.....

  30. How many days are left until the blog project is over? I am going to miss it if you stop after 365 days. Isn't this year a leap year!!!? 366 Thank you for all the lovely colours and patterns, I didn't know you could do so much with nails. xx

  31. ps I have just read some of the blogs and i agree with semperfimes37!

  32. Iris- the plates that I use are made by Konad, or more recently, BundleMonster, which are much cheaper, and come in a set of 21 for only $17.99 + free shipping.

    I get Konad plates at and the BundleMonster plates on Amazon!

    Checked out your blogs- your photos are lovely- and what cute dogs!! :) Congrats on the 100 mile club, too- I can't swim at all!! :)

    Jen- Thank you!! :)

    Anonymous- After my 365 days are done, I still plan to continue doing the blog, just not on such a rigorous schedule, I've also entertained the idea of guest posters! :) As for the question of one hand of both- I'll admit, there have been times where i haven't felt great, etc, that I've only done one hand, but 99.9% of the time, I do both! :) Otherwise I'd look really silly out in public with one painted hand!

    RMCandlelight- Thanks! Checked out your blog- great swatches!!! (makes me really want Junebug now!)

    bpddjeoomon- nope, never used fimo canes, I detest stuff glued to my nails, I fiddle with it and pick at it until it is gone- stuff like crystals lasts about an hour, tops. :-P

    Anonymous/Aimee- Thanks for the idea- and if I use it- I'll be sure to credit you in the post! :)

    Liz/Iceomatic- my pleasure! :-P Seems I have a knack for getting songs in people's heads with my posts!

    Kamyla- Thank you!! :)

    Fer- Glad to hear it!! Best polishes for stamping would have to be the KHROME Collection polishes from China Glaze if you can get your hands on them... Hassid from American Apparel is an amazing black polish that works well for stamping too!!

    Eden Bue- Like I said above- there have been times where I've been sick that I've only painted one hand because there was no point (or energy) to paint both, but 99.9% of the time I paint both, because I'd look silly otherwise! :)

    Airam- Thank you! :)

    Anonymous- Thank you!! :)

    ReaderRita- Thank you!! Your plan for after my 365 is up happens to be correct! :) I like the idea of the blueprint on the nails- I need to think of a fun way to execute it now!!! :-D

    Anonymous- Thank you, and I posted the nails later that day.

    Kim- I'll try to take a picture of the brushes/tools that I use for the nail art I do. As far as tutorials, I plan to do one soon, but need to think of a fun design to do for it first!! :) (any ideas?! suggestions?)

    McKenna- Thanks, glad i could help! :)

    Anonymous- I hope to do a tutorial soon, just need to think of a cute design to do a tutorial on! :) If you want to start Konading- the Bundlemonster plates I linked to earlier are a great way to build your collection of plates fast, they're pretty much the same as Konad, but much cheaper.

    Sunmee- Thank you!! Just keep practicing!! :) I'd love to see the pictures you used for your project!! :)

    Polly Roots- Thank you!! obrigado!!

    Valerie- Someday....promise. :-P

    ShortAndSweetNails- Thanks, and like I told Valerie- someday I will. :-P

    semperfimi37- I won't, and thanks, that made my day!! :)

    Andrea Camarena- Thanks!! I'll try and post a picture of my brushes//tools within the next couple of days!! :) As far as the CND Shellac review, I'll try to post that tonight or tomorrow, promise!!

    Anonymous- If you've sent them, I've seen them. I make sure to read all emails/messages I go, I'm just horrible at returning them, but over the next week or so, I hope to catch up and return all the emails I've gotten!!

    ReaderRita- I know- how sad, right!? She was totally the original 'Samantha' :-P and thanks, glad you like 'me', and not just my fingertips. :-D

    Iris- here they are!! :)

    Anonyma- 128 days left of the project! I won't stop after a year though, I probably just won't post every single day. :-D Thanks- glad you like me!! :)

  33. Just fyi, when done right, fimo on nails isn't supposed to stick out. They're meant to be sliced paper thin and then embedded into the polish. After a topcoat it should be as smooth as having only polish.


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