That Hat

So for my birthday this year, I used some of the money gifted me to buy a hat, yes, a hat. I am a lover of all things chapeau. I have a particular fondness for fedoras and stylized fedoras. I also recently acquired a newsboy cap that I wear far too often. Anyway. Today's nails are to match my newest acquisition in the land of hats....

That hat:

The nails:

The comparison:

I used American Apparel Office as a base color, to match the hat, and then painted a thin line of American Apparel Cotton along the tip edge of the nail, and a moon at the cuticle edge. For the lines, I used American Apparel Hassid, I wish they were more even, but my brush kept splaying out its bristles, I think its time for a new one. I topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

A picture of my birthday cake. (the Fire cake! :-P I first came up with the idea and made this when I was 16. :)) I love fire, and I think that this cake looks like fire when you cut into it, sometimes they turn out better than others, and this was a fair/medium example. Turns out, if you don't make something for 13 years, you fall out of practice. ;)

Also, a picture of the lovely flowers my parents sent me! :)

one of the mums:


  1. wow, i love that nail <3 so cool.
    and happy birthday :)

  2. Nice hat, cute nails, COOL CAKE!

  3. That's gotta be one of my fave nail designs you've done so far. Love it!

    Cake looks delish!

  4. love it.
    love the hat and nails matching. so cute.
    I'm really curious about what flavor the cake is. It looks yummy.

  5. I love the matching hat and nails! Very cute! So I have a question... are you into wearing hand knit hats?

  6. The mani is too cute! Love the hat ^_^

  7. It's uncanny how perfect a color match American Apparel Office and your hat are! Very cool- it's amazing that with all of the colors in the world, you can sometimes find an exact match, even with such disparate objects!
    I'm no lover of everything being matchy-matchy, but sometimes it is unexpected and completely brilliant! (like now...)

    So what are the flavors of the Flame Cake? It looks fabulous.
    (My hair is a similar color configuration right now. I too, went for 'flame'...)
    Most importantly though, HOW WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?
    I sincerely hope you had a blast! YAY!

  8. cute nails as always!
    but my question of the day is how did you make that fire cake! it looks awesome! i'm totally curious now!
    Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a blast!

  9. Love the hats, I'm a fedora fan too, I own mostly Coach ones so I'm limited by whatever they put out!

  10. cute hat! and the matching nails rock!
    I remember your 1st fire cake - only now YOU have the mess to clean up!!
    Love you!!! mOM

  11. Where do you get your brushes from?!

  12. That cake looks awesome! How did you make it? I'm guessing Jello or something like that?

  13. How'd you make the cake? is there a recipe?

  14. Would love to know how you made this AMAZING cake! My husband is a firefighter and would love to make him one!


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