Stuck on Me

Did you know that Barry Manilow wrote the Band-Aid jungle? Today's nails were the product of a suggestion by one of my coworkers, Erik, who noticed that I had a bandaid on one of my nails (it's my quick broken nail temporary fix until I can fix it for real), and thought it'd be a fun nail idea. So, today's nails are my interpretation of the strip of fabric with a beloved jingle, Band-Aids!!

I used Zoya Helen as a base, with Urban Outfitters Nude 3 to highlight, and Zoya Helen and Zoya Dea to shade and for the dots. (as the perforated holes in the plastic type of bandages) Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche vite top coat.

Are you stuck on band-aids?


  1. I love this idea! I never thought band-aids could be a cute mani but you proved me wrong.

  2. Awesome! I might have to try that the next time I break a nail.

  3. Thanks for the earworm! Augh!
    Love yer tips...

  4. Okay, what kind of voodoo do you have goin' here?
    I have now seen no fewer than 30 "Band-Aid" commercials since I read this post. Spring must be skinned knee season- makes sense, I guess...

  5. honestly i prefer other nail designs in your blog instead. keep on working honey.


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