It's a TWO-fer!

Hey all!! Two things for you today…

I know I've been kinda M.I.A. lately, I promise I'll be back! Been working from 8 am - 11 pm every day, which means i don't usually get home till 11:45-midnight. After this week and the holidays are over, my life should be ever so slightly less chaotic, so I'll be back to posting more regularly!

Also, there is a CROWN Brush sale on Hautelook today! I have a couple of their brushes that I purchased at the International Beauty Show this year, and I love them! :)

The sale includes several different types of brush sets, travel, professional, synthetic, non-synthetic, as well as a few different eyeshadow and lip palettes!

It's a great way to start a brush collection if you're starting out!

Check out the sale HERE!


  1. Oh thanks for the heads up! I've been in need of some new brushes! :)

  2. I find that the ELF brushes at Target are perfect for my needs. I'm afraid if I buy an expensive brush, I'll never go back, haha.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I hadn't had time to check your blog in awhile and was all depressed because I just missed a promo for a crown brush kit for way under price. I was sitting at home, crying on my insides over my lost love, then I look on here and managed to make their sale and get a purple 12 piece set. You rock my socks. Have an awesome new year!


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