ButterLONDON Sale at Hautelook!

I'm a fairly recent ButterLONDON convert, actually my first polishes from them were purchased during a sale at Hautelook.com! Today they're having another sale!! There isn't a huge selection, but the polishes are only $5, vs $14! That's a great deal in anyone's book. :-D

I might just pick up another Minger. I love that color!

They also have some roller scents on sale!

Check it out!


  1. You love Minger! You are a very crazy (in a good way)lady. I really want to learn to love it because I adore mustards. But I'm still not convinced.

  2. Minger isn't mustard!! (though I'd love it if it were mustard just as much) It's more of what I'd call a muted retro orange. It's lovely, I swear!

  3. I must ask how you sponge the glitter on! you do the cutest nails I envy you :)

  4. nice.. just picked up 6 different shades. I don't own any butter polish so i figured at that price why not! Can't be bad if it runs for 15 bucks a pop.

    today i posted some pics of my stash on my blog and i was thinking to myself how i really need to cut myself off from buying anymore polish, but as soon as i saw this deal, that thought went out the window!

    incase anyone is interested my blog... www.manicureaddict.com

  5. Hey, I dont know if you have seen that Katy Perry has a new line of nail polishes and it has a CRACKLE POLISH!!! I know that in one of your previous posts you mentioned how you missed crackle polishes so I thought you would appreciate the new polish. :)

  6. Very absorbing article. Esp. the stands acclimated to abutment the head. I would not accept noticed it on my own. Will accept to attending anxiously at old photographs to see this feature.


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