Urban Decay is on Hautelook today and everything is TWO FREAKIN' DOLLARS!! $2! Brushes, pigments, eyeshadows, eye pencils, masrcaras, everything!!!

Check out the sale HERE!!


  1. 1 Matte Eye Shadow – Chronic
    2 Loose Pigment – Yeyo
    2 Loose Pigment – X
    2 Loose Pigment – Protest
    2 Ink for Eyes – Pyrotechnics
    2 Big Fatty Colored Mascara – Electric
    5 Big Fatty Colored Mascara - Black Cherry
    Subtotal: $32.00

    ....Yeah, that's right! :)

  2. a little tribute to you and all your lovely work!! http://chelseacoleen.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey!

    thanks so much for letting us know about this deal! i got 4 eyeshadows for less than the price of one (including shipping)
    please keep letting us know about any deals like this..

    love the blog btw. you have been seriously inspiring me to step up my nail game

  4. Incredible, this is gorgeous. Envision every one of the reading through along with writing you could do... Chilly during the cold months though.

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