Saturday, October 30, 2010

Craving Nail Art?

A week or so ago, asked me for a couple of my favorite Halloween manicures, and I did two designs especially for them!! They included them in their Halloween Manicure slide show- I'm number 8 & 9! :)

You can find them here (or click the picture above): Halloween Manicures at


  1. my gosh! I seriously don't know how you create such amazingness but this blows my mind. love them all!

  2. Your designs are awesome! My favorite is the monster mash one, though the grave stone ones are amazing too.

  3. I am completely in love, love, LOVE with the graveyard!!

  4. the graveyard one is sick! nice job!

  5. Several of them are quite cute, but yours are by far the best. Most original and far more actual art involved. I did like the bubbles though. They'd be great for a pestilence costume if you could find 3 friends to be the other horseman.

  6. I loooove cemeteries - your graveyard nails are amongst my favorites of yours EVER!


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