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Wondering what to get me for Christmas? This post will have all sorts of hints for what this ginger wouldn't mind seeing under her tree this year. (If we get one! Not sure a Bulldog and a Christmas tree will mix well! Haha) I suppose these gift ideas will be good for any beauty lover in your life if you've already found that perfect gift for me though. :D
Nestled amongst all of the delightfully stylish designer brands on the second floor of Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas lies the Mariposa Room. What's inside you ask? Well, recently it was filled with 35 fabulous bloggers, some seriously delicious eats, and some perfect gift ideas for the beauty lover in your life!

First step? Fortify ourselves with Blood Orange cocktails, and the delicious array of brunch foods created by the Neiman Marcus culinary masters!

They had cronuts in several flavors from maple bacon to blueberry to orange, even mocha! So yum... I'll admit I had a bite of the mocha one, even diabetics have to enjoy life sometimes! :-P

Next up? Hash brown cupcakes that were hiding a healthy secret - broccoli! With a healthy dollop of sour cream on top, these were, hands down, my favorite thing I ate. (Even WITH the broccoli!)

What's next on this brunch journey? A true classic– Chicken and Waffles. SO good.

To round out this culinary sampling, we had little Quail Eggs on toast! So cute, something about tiny eggs.

Alright– now let's get down to business– the gift ideas!


For the Fragrance lover, we have more than one awesome gift option - and both are great for both men AND women!


Atelier Cologne has an overwhelming amount of amazing scents that are, simply put, delightful. Creators of the 'cologne absolue', where the scents evoke memories and powerful feelings from your past. One I particularly enjoyed was the Emerald Agar ($250), a woody scent with notes of Geranium, Bergamot, and Agar wood. I got a sample that I've been wearing for nearly a week now. In love.

A cool thing about Atelier is that you can customize your purchase with a leather sleeve for your travel spray that you can actually have embossed with gold foil with your name, or a small message. I think that is so awesome, and there are a bunch of colors to choose from - what color would you choose? Orange is my favorite!

The Coffret Composition Originale ($275) is an awesome way to try multiple scents, it contains 30 mL (1 oz.) bottles in Orange Sanguine, Grand Neroli, Bois Blonds, Pomelo Paradis, and Bergamote Soleil.


Next up is Jo Malone, the refreshingly light fragrances built for layering to create your own unique scent! They have several small gifts that are perfect– a Christmas cracker ($48) that contains a small fragrance in Blackberry and Bay, hand and body wash in Basil & Neroli (my FAVE), and the English Pear and Freesia Body Crème.

Another gift set that I really liked (and actually bought for myself - oops!) was the Cologne Collection, which comes in normal ($115) and Intense ($150) fragrances. In the regular scent set, you'll find Lime, Basil & Mandarin (their first scent!), Wood Sage & Sea Salt, English Oak & Red Currant, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, and English Pear and Freesia! In the Intense set, you'll find Tuberose Angelica, Velvet Rose & Oud, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Oud & Bergamot, and Myrrh & Tonka.

Want to layer those fragrances? You can layer with fragrances AND their body crèmes - try out three with the Body Crème Collection ($90), which contains body crèmes in Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Peony Blush & Suede, and Blackberry & Bay.


Anyone who loves nails is sure to be a fan of Deborah Lippmann! From Naked to Walking on Sunshine, there's sure to be a nude, neutral, bright, or glitter polish that is sure to fit any nail lover's preference! (La Vie En Rose shown in photo) I personally ADORE Naked. It's one of my favorite DL colors, and one of my favorite nude polishes in general! Fun fact: DL polishes ($20) are all named after songs, and Deborah herself is a jazz singer!

Rich Girl ($28) and The Cure ($24) are two amazing nail care items from her line that are super moisturizing, but not greasy. I also really love the light scent! Bonus: Rich Girl hand cream is 25 SPF, so while you moisturize your skin, you also save yourself from the sun's harmful (and aging!) rays. 



With products like Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($44) and the Dry Texturing Spray ($46), any recipient of these Oribe products is sure to have red carpet ready hair, or at the very least, the best hair at the party! 

The Gold Lust Dry Shampoo uses translucent powders to absorb product build and natural oils to freshen up day old locks without that icky white residue! The bigger the hair, the closer to God? Pick Dry Texturizing Spray, which uses patented polymers to absorb oil and give volume and texture.


With products designed to cover any hair malady, lets focus on one of the biggest winter hair plagues - STATIC!! R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray ($27) is designed to control flyaway and staticky hair that is the bane of our existence in the cold, dry, winter months. The scent? It contains notes of juniper berries, blood orange, rhubarb, leather accord, violet, and dark woods. Heavenly, right?!



The holiday season means long days and nights shopping for the perfect gifts (when they could just come visit my blog for ideas... silly!), holiday parties, late night gift wrapping and decking those halls. The skincare solutions from fresh? The Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask ($82) and the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask ($92) are sure to do the trick. The Peony mask is great for any skin type, and its purpose is to brighten and even out the skin tone, and actually hydrates the skin for 24 hours! This one has an ever-so-slight floral scent to it, which is really pretty. The Black Tea mask is best for Normal, Combination, and Dry skin types, and works hard to reduce fine lines and firm and lift tired skin by the time you're done with your REM cycles. 


I don't know about your guys, by winter sucks every trace of moisture out of my skin, making me look haggard and dry. The Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque ($35) is like a swimming pool for your face. It's great for all skin types, and boosts your skin's ability to hold moisture for lasting hydration. No more haggard Melissa!



I've long been a fan of Tom Ford fragrances, Oud Wood & Neroli Portofino are two of my most worn fragrances, so when it came to checking out the Tom Ford beauty products, I was ALL. IN. 

From Patent Finish Lip Color ($54), which gives you that candy apple depth and shine to their creamy and beautiful lipsticks ($54) in a range of colors, and finishes. Check out their girls & boys! *swoon* During our brunch, we got to check out The Patent Finish Lip Color in Red Corset and Orchid Fatale,  but I promptly went down to the Tom Ford counter to check out the entire collection after the brunch and walked away with Ravageur, the most perfect warm red. (I may have also later ordered Orchid Fatale from Sephora during VIB - oops!) For my first Tom Ford lip products, I'm super happy. They do wander a little, but I plan on trying them next with a clear liner to see if that keeps them in check. 


My favorite pick from Laura Mercier is the Neiman's exclusive Exotics Redefined Eye Color Collection ($58). It contains 12 beautiful shades– 6 matte, 6 metallic. Another oldie but goodie product are the caviar sticks ($29), which allow you to achieve a smokey eye in minutes with nothing but your fingers! WHAT?! Believe me, I saw it in action and was flabbergasted. So cool. 



This sonic dermaplaner ($189) removes dead cells, debris, peach fuzz, and dullness from skin, revealing the gorgeous and youthful skin below! Why is this important? Well, dermaplaning helps fix skin imperfections to allow your skin to be a perfect canvas for foundation, skincare, and all the other makeup masterpieces that are sure to follow!


Looking for a stimulating gift? Look no further. This little gadget uses microcurrents to lift and firm the skin, but wait... there's more! The NuFace Trinity ($325) helps your skincare absorb better, increases new cell growth by 500% percent, increases collagen and elastin production, AND it reduces redness. A true miracle worker in the palm of your hand!



While these incredible pieces are well outside my budget (a stunning clutch they showed was valued over $23,000!), who am I to say you can't treat yo'self?! The designers at John Hardy take the time to hand match gems to ensure that a consistent look is within each piece or pair of earrings. 

At the event, they featured the Legends Naga collection, which features an ornate dragon with gems for eyes. This collection ranges from $295 to $16,500 for these beautiful handmade pieces. Some of my favorites feature their handwoven chain bracelets, which take an an artisan 4 days to weave by hand. I especially love when the dragon is the clasp, biting the ring on the other end, closing the bracelet. With the Legends Naga, be sure to wear your dragon facing out for protection, and facing in for love! 



This little gem ($95) could cover the Makeup Maven AND the Cocktail Connoisseur in your life! What looks like a GIANT red lipstick is actually the world's cutest gift holder for a bottle of bubbly! Tell me that's not the cutest damn thing you've seen today. 

Did you see any gems that you're adding to your wishlist? Anything that is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one? Or are you planning on treating yourself?

Disclosure: Items in this post were shown at a blogger event hosted by Neiman Marcus. My opinions are my own.

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