Open Sesame!

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sesame seed, nail art, cheeseburger

I like my slightly weird and not normal nail art. You guys know this. I've had this idea rollin around in my brain for a bit, and figured it was about time I tried it. I have other similar ideas for an unofficial series, but you'll have to wait... hopefully refreshing the page eagerly. I miss you guys. I know I suck, and life gets in the way of me posting regularly lately. I try to consistently post on IG, but I'm going to make an extra effort to do so here as well.

Also, plan to see more beauty world and fashion posts, because those are things I'm super passionate about too! (especially shoes- drooooool)

Anyway, hopefully this mani plants the (sesame) seeds of a blog coming back to life and growing into what it was before, and much, much more. I miss my interactions with you guys... ReaderRita, Lainie, and you... yeah still there? I sure hope so...if not, come back, I miss ya! (tell your friends!)

I used:

NARS Pierre Hardy Easy Walking (Right)
Zoya Tatum
KIKO Brown
Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat

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  1. Lovely post & so well written, I actually had to
    Wait until you told us it was just sesame to realise what the nails were, but I love them!
    Vicky x


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