Glitter Alchemy

Nothing to Disclose Press Sample

Im not entirely sure how I never posted this design here on the blog... it's one of my favorites that I've done in a long time! I guess sometimes I get distracted by posting on Instagram and forget about the rest of the world. :) Better late than never?

This design actually started as a swatch! I was messing around with two DIFFERENT dimension colors, and liked how they were similar, but different, and thought they'd make a cool base for an alchemy-inspired design! I whipped out my trusty American Apparel Hassid, a fine nail art brush, and set to work doodling whatever my hands wanted to doodle! I really love how this design turned out- it's been ages since I framed the nail- I think maybe even since my first year of the blog! I think I may do something like this a bit more often.

The two polishes I used from DIFFERENT dimension are YWPimpin on the index and middle fingers, and Glitter Bug on the thumb, ring and pinky! :) This lacquer packs a serious sparkle punch. TKO! A perfect polish to wear in Las Vegas where 99.99999999% of our days are sunshine.

For this design I used:

American Apparel Hassid

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